CAMPAIGN FOR REAL ALE Peterborough & District Branch
Friday 27th May, 2016 to Monday 30th May, 2016
The Waterton Arms. 6th Annual Beer Festival. 01778 342219
68 Church St, Deeping St James
Over 20 Real Ales plus Ciders and Fruit Wines A Great Weekend of Live Music from 7pm Fri, Sat & Sun from 3pm Special Homemade Pizza plus BBQ all Weekend
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Friday 27th May, 2016 to Monday 30th May, 2016
6th Annual Cider and Sausage Festival
Grainstore Brewery, Oakham
6th Annual Rutland Cider and Sausage Festival Married with a great Barbecue and live music throughout the festival, the atmosphere changes depending upon the time of day from relaxed and chilled during the day to vibrant and fun each evening as the party goers join in. There is always something for everyone. Annually during the May Bank Holiday we go a wee bit ‘Wurzel’ and host our Cider and Sausage Festival. Featuring 40 real ciders straight from the barrel and locally crafted sausages including our own Pork and Ale, this is another lively Festival full of great music. Opening Times: Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 11am – 1.30am Breakfast Served: Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9am to 11am Band Line Up for 2016: Friday: Baklash, 8.30pm Saturday: Union Avenue – 2pm; Blue Skin Blake – 5pm; Risky Trick – 8.30pm Sunday: Pembroke Tennesson – 2pm; Two and Fro – 5pm; Real Monsters – 8.30pm
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Friday 27th May, 2016 to Monday 30th May, 2016
Blue Bell 10th Beer Festival
9 High Street, Easton on the Hill, PE9 3LR
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Thursday 23rd June, 2016 to Sunday 26th June, 2016
Oakham Beer Festival and Ale Trail
Museum, Catmose St, Oakham LE15 6HW
Beers from near and far. An Ale-Trail trip around the fine capital of Rutland included.

There are regular trains from Peterborough and Stamford.

However, on Saturday 25th June, the Shoulder of Mutton is arranging a coach trip, leaving the pub at Weldon at 1.00pm returning back by 8.30pm.

Names are already being taken and there's only 50 seats available.

Call in at the Shoulder of Mutton to book or call 01536 601016.

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May 2016

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