CAMPAIGN FOR REAL ALE Peterborough & District Branch
BEER FESTIVALS (FOUR WEEKS FROM Sunday 4th October 2015)
Monday 5th October, 2015 to Sunday 11th October, 2015
Palmerston Arms Traditional Bitters Festival
82 Oundle Road, Peterborough, PE2 9PA
Up to 40 traditional bitters
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Thursday 8th October, 2015 to Saturday 10th October, 2015
Booze on the Ouse Beer & Cider Festival (CAMRA Beer Festival)
Burgess Hall, St Ives, PE27 6WU
70+ real ales, cider and perry. Bottled foreign beer, food, wine and soft drinks.
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Saturday 24th October, 2015 to Sunday 25th October, 2015
Heron Mini Beer Festival
Heron Court, Stanground, PE2 8QR
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Oct 2015

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