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BEER FESTIVALS (FOUR WEEKS FROM Saturday 20th September 2014)
Thursday 18th September, 2014 to Sunday 21st September, 2014
Jolly Brewer Beer Festival
Foundry Road, Stamford, PE9 2PP
70+ real ales, ciders and craft keg beers. Live music and BBQ available throughout.
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Thursday 25th September, 2014 to Saturday 27th September, 2014
Elgoods / SIBA Beer Festival
North Brink, Wisbech PE13 1 LW
SIBA, the independant brewers' association, holds its eastern finals at Elgoods Brewery again this year. All the beer being judged (and some others) will need drinking afterwards. Elgoods let you do just that for £3 - follow the link for more info
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Thursday 25th September, 2014 to Sunday 28th September, 2014
5th Autumn Hand & Heart Beer & Music Fest
12 Highbury Street, Peterborough, PE1 3BE
50+ beers and ciders plus live music.
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Friday 26th September, 2014 to Sunday 28th September, 2014
Belmesthorpe Beer Festival
Blue Bell, Shepherd's Walk, Belmesthorpe, PE9 4JG
At least 15 real ales plus cider, food and live entertainment.
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Friday 10th October, 2014 to Sunday 12th October, 2014
Cider Festival
Woolpack, North Street, Stanground, Peterborough, PE2 8JF
Local ciders and sausages of all flavours. Live music.
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