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BEER FESTIVALS (FOUR WEEKS FROM Sunday 1st February 2015)
Tuesday 27th January, 2015 to Sunday 1st February, 2015
Palmerston Arms Winter Beer Festival
Oundle Rd, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 9JS
Over the course of the weekend over 30 beers will be available, served straight from the cask. And don't worry if you only like your ales light, we shall be having our usual guests from Oakham and Castle Rock, Plus Batemans fantastic monthly guest Ale, G.H.A

So what better way to spend a dark winter evening than enjoying a fabulous dark ale.

The fine Ales will be supported by a cast of savoury pies and dishes.There will also be a few events throughout the weekend including a concert by our very own fabulous Palmerston Ukulele Ban

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Feb 2015

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