CAMPAIGN FOR REAL ALE Peterborough & District Branch
Thursday 2nd July, 2015 to Sunday 5th July, 2015
Ploughman Summer Beer Festival
Werrington Centre PE4 6NA
55 real ales and ciders, Jeff's German BBQ and Simmo's Madras curry

Music from the Replicas on Fri night, Hooker on Sat night, the Nuggets on Sun afternoon and karaoke on Sun night.

All proceeds from raffle and other fundraising to Heltwate School

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Friday 3rd July, 2015 to Sunday 5th July, 2015
White Horse Beer Festival
Church St, Baston PE6 9PE
20+ beers and ciders plus a BBQ. Live Music.
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Friday 3rd July, 2015 to Sunday 5th July, 2015
Blue Bell Helpston Beer Festival and BBQ
10 Woodgate, Helpston PE6 7ED
More to follow
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Saturday 11th July, 2015 to Sunday 12th July, 2015
Gorefield Beer Festival
Community Hall and Pavillion, Wolf Lane Gorefield PE13 4NE
Featuring beers from Batemans, Tydd Steam. Miletree, Elgoods, Oakham, Star Brewing, Woodfordes, Bluebell, Adnams, Grain, 8 Sail and Nene Valley.

We will also have some craft lagers and 10+ ciders.

There will be live music on the Friday and Saturday nights as well as the Gorefield Village Gala during the day on Saturday.

Starting at 12 noon Saturday - Free entry.

There will be food available, including pork rolls, burgers and chips.

Camping available which must be pre booked in advance.

For more information call Nick on 07774273822.

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Friday 24th July, 2015 to Saturday 25th July, 2015
Deepings Beer Festival
Rubgy Club Playing Fields, Spalding Road, Deeping St. James
Real ales and ciders, premium lagers, country wines and all kinds of food.

Fairground attactions and live music all day, both days

Starts at noon and ends at 11pm both Friday and Saturday

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Jul 2015

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