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Tuesday 25th August
Open Mic Night
After the success of the Open Mic Night for the last two years, we are giving another opportunity to you to show off your unique talents on the Peterborough Beer Festival Stage. This event will again be hosted by Stacy, so if you would like the opportunity to appear, do please contact her IN ADVANCE to register your interest. Stacy can be reached at vocalsoulmate@hotmail.co.uk
Expected on stage 7.30pm to 10.45pm

Tuesday 25th August
Peterborough Morris
Yes, after last year's popular performance, they are back and will be dancing in various spots in the festival.
Around the site from 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Wednesday 26th August
Grumpy Old Men
Not everybody, when they reach a certain age, is resigned to pottering around on an allotment. The four members of Grumpy Old Men, Roger, Steve, Pete and Nick found themselves unable to give up a lifetime of noise, heavy lifting and feedback.
United in the belief that the world deserves something better than Justin Bieber, Grumpy Old Men burst on the scene, (well they started anyway), ten years ago. They play a range of pop and rock from the sixties to the present day; from The Who to Snow Patrol. They may not get quite the number of crowd surfers and screaming groupies that young Justin does but that suits them fine. “We don’t want to peak too soon”, they say, “Plenty of time for that when we’re a bit older.”
Expected on stage 8.00pm to 9.00pm and 9.30pm to 10.45pm

Thursday 27th August
The Expletives
A brand new Alternative Covers band from Peterborough formed in June 2014. The four members have wasted no time in putting together an energetic and impressive set of classic late 70’s New Wave & Punk songs.
Numbers by such legendary artists as The Jam, Ramones, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Blondie, The Specials and The Damned are featured in their live set, all delivered with energy, fire & skill.
The Expletives offer something different - but also something nostalgic and popular - with an authentic energy and an exciting live stage persona that has already proved a winning formula.
The Expletives are ….
Sean Dunleavy - Vocal
Angus Mackman - Guitar/Vocal
Joel Bowyer - Bass/Vocal
Luke Pasco - Drums
Expected on stage 9.15pm to 10.45pm

Thursday 27th August
The Stringlers
This local all female string quartet has been described as “brilliant”, “spectacular”, “edgy” and “amazingly versatile”! Playing refreshing versions of music from the 1970’s to current chart toppers, expect to hear classics by Queen, Guns and Roses, Coldplay, Beatles..........and The Stranglers.
The group are Diane Llewellyn (1st violin), Helen Britton (2nd violin), Kat Moore (viola) and Emily Smith (cello), all established musicians in the Peterborough area, from classical, folk and jazz backgrounds but all with a passion for rock music.
The repertoire of songs has been cleverly interpreted and arranged by Kat Moore making this quartet unique and not to be missed!
Expected on stage 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Friday 28th August
The Activators
A unique, hard-working, dynamic 10-piece whose eclectic style includes Rock, Ska, Reggae, Punk, Celtic and World genres - not ones to be pigeonholed!
Renowned for chaotic and highly energetic shows (complete with the thumbs-up from Happy Monday’s Bez!), they perform throughout the UK and Europe.
Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Guilfest main stage, French, Icelandic and Italian festival appearances have enhanced their burgeoning reputation. This alluring band is definitely NOT to be missed. Come along and discover for yourselves.
"Along with UB40, best music of the day." OMH
"Industrially tight with barrels of entertainment." Sabotage Times
"More like a party than a gig." This Festival Feeling
Expected on stage 9.15pm to 10.45pm

Friday 28th August
Dizzie Miss Lizzys
Red hot, raunchy rock n roll and heavy rocking fretwork.
Led by guitar virtuoso Gizz Butt who between 1996 and 1999 toured the world with The Prodigy (when Firestarter made No.1) and enjoyed USA chart success with his own band Janus Stark. Inaugurated for fun and initially to support ex Beatle PETE BEST at the "Best Fest" in Liverpool 2010, The Dizzy Miss Lizzys blossomed.
Gizz rooted out the ace voices of wiz kid James and bassist Simon plus genius drummer maestro Fozzy and their popularity soared as they became a hot act on the Peterborough circuit with their mix of dazzling guitar tracks, classic hard and heavy rock and timeless Beatles classics.
Top class musicians and top class songs with energy, passion, sweat and humour = Instant feel good factor.
Expected on stage 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Friday 28th August
Palmerston Ukulele Band
This is a bunch of guys and gals from the Palmerston Arms who just formed up for a bit of fun and have gone from strength to strength. No beer festival, large or small, is complete without a performance from this multi-talented outfit with their unique and entertaining style of sing along favourites.
Expected on stage 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Saturday 29th August
The Replicas
Introducing The Replicas, bringing you something different at every turn, from foot stomping Ska, Soul, Punk, Indy, Northern Soul... and much, much more.
On stage is where this band lives and thrives, delivering a high octane blend of music that will have you on your feet from the first song to the last. With an expectant crowd always in attendance, the bands motto of something for everyone really does come through.
Featuring the mercurial talents of Geoff Green on keyboards, horn master aka Dave Parsons on saxophone, with a strong back beat laid down by drummer and main backing vocalist Lez, the bands rhythm section is completed by Neil Gaskell on bass and backing vocals, topped off by the superb guitar and lead vocal skills of Luke Allport.
Now reformed after a two and half year break, the group have quickly picked up where they left off with every gig sold out and packed to the rafters, something that the members are all rightly proud of. For some foot stomping classics and a chance to throw some shapes....do not miss The Replicas.
Expected on stage 9.00pm to 10.30pm

Saturday 29th August
The Tin Pigeons
This Rutland based four piece indie-folk band were formed in 2011 whilst the band members were still at school.
With traditional instruments & deep harmonies, they have grown a unique foot-slamming yet soulful sound. Having played continuously for the past 4 years, the band has had the pleasure of playing well over 100 shows across the country.
The band is made up of brothers George and Fraser on guitar and banjo, with Tom and Doug taking up the bass and mandolin.
Expected on stage 7.30pm to 8.50pm

Saturday 29th August
Saturday Afternoon Bands

Saturday 29th August
Doug Heath
Doug is a Peterborough based singer songwriter with a distinctive soulful voice and intricate style of guitar playing. Recently a finalist in the national competition Open Mic UK, reaching the last twenty of just over twelve thousand, Doug played at the grand final in the Birmingham NEC. Influenced by Van Morrison, Damien Rice and the Cure he is currently in the process of recording of an extended EP to be released in September 2015. Doug is often found at open mics around Peterborough with some small festival gigs lined up in the Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire areas.
Expected on stage 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Saturday 29th August
Lartey Sisters
A unique acoustic duo made up of sisters Ashleigh and Faye Lartey. The girls write their songs using Faye’s exquisite acoustic guitar style. Ashleigh, whose voice is often described as "stunning" and "mesmerising," delivers profound and poetic lyrics which combine with the melodic tones of Faye's guitar to make music that is both haunting and evocative.
Of late, highly acclaimed singer/songwriter Steve Harley, after hearing the girls perform and realising their potential, has produced one of their songs 'Nobody's Here'. For several years now, the girls have played at gigs organised by Cockney Rebel guitarist, Robbie Gladwell and have also recorded songs with bass player Lincoln Anderson.
Expected on stage 3.00pm to 4.00pm

Saturday 29th August
Nick Corney and the Buzzrats
From solo beginnings local singer songwriter Nick Corney has been gathering momentum until this band was finally born out of a need to create a new sound. The Buzz Rats have given the acoustic tracks a new lease of life with Ben Knight on keys and Christopher R Moore on guitars and harmonica adding weight to a gamut of original songs you thought you already knew. From the heartfelt ballad to the catchy melodic pop song and foot stomping rock and roll, Nick and The Rats will catch you out. In their softer moments, the band sounds like a half-remembered lullaby, but don't be fooled as fan-favourite song The Perfect Landing from their recent EP kicks you in the guts and then lets you cry on its shoulder. Nick Corney And The Buzz Rats have come to make you dance, sing, love, and sin so ‘Raise your glass in both your hands’ and do not miss this band.
Expected on stage 4.00pm to 5.00pm

Saturday 29th August
Lone Groover
Named after the anti-hero of a comic strip that graced the weekly music inkies of the 1970s…….. THE LONE GROOVER is a one man and guitar outfit who channels his love of folk, punk and Americana into classic songs of beauty, protest and passion.
Always putting he(art) and soul into his performances, armed with his trusty Gibson, fuelled with good vibes, talkin’ jive and sporting sharp clobber, TLG is a definite “one to watch”.
But let’s leave the last words to ‘el Groover himself……… “Let’s be clear…..I’m not a solo artist, I’m a one man group…..there’s a subtle difference….I wanna walk like The Clash and sound like Bob Dylan”. Folk music for City dwellers!
Expected on stage 5.00pm to 6.00pm
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