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I think we got there at long last. Beer list is here

3 Brewers of Hatfield, Hertfordshire New Brewery
Golden English Ale 3.8% abv
Ale that is Golden and English
8 Sail of Heckington, Lincs.
Baltic Amber 6% abv
Strong English 19th Century Amber Ale
Black Widow 5.5% abv
A strong Dark Ruby Mild echoing the Milds of the Victorian age. Dark malt and liquorice flavours dominate
Pacific Union 7.3% abv Main Bar 1
A combination of American hops are used to hop this American Style India Pale Ale.
Abbeydale of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Absolution 5.3% abv
A deceptively easy-drinking strong beer, subtle and easy-going, fruity and gorgeous
Profundity 4.1% abv
Lots of roasty toasty flavours from the dark malts with berry fruit flavours from the complex mix of hops. This is quite a bitter beer balanced by some sweetness giving a satisfyingly smooth finish.
Adnams of Southwold, Suffolk
Broadside 4.7% abv
Brewed with Pale Ale malt and First Gold hops, Broadside is a dark ruby red beer rich in fruitcake aromas, almonds and conserved fruit.
Explorer 4.3% abv
Suffused with the aromas of a grapefruit grove. The citrus attack will burst on your palate as the hops deliver their fruity bitterness.
Fat Sprat 3.8% abv
Grapefruit aroma with some spicy notes, balanced with a light biscuit flavour and a crisp, dry finish.
Ghost ship 4.5% abv
A delicious Pale Ale with a good assertive bitterness and a malty backbone.
Gun Hill 4% abv
A traditional dark ruby beer, delivering a full flavour. Full aromatic barley malts and an exquisite blend of hops combined to create a wonderful balance of sweet biscuit and subtle fruit flavours with a hint of chocolate bitterness
Lighthouse 3.4% abv
A classic amber beer delivering a crisp, refreshing taste.
Southwold Bitter 3.7% abv
Beautiful copper-coloured beer, late and dry-hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness.
Tally Ho! 7% abv
Brewed with Pale Ale, Crystal and Brown malts. A dark Mahogany red in colour with a rich, fruity aroma and a sweet raisin and biscuit palate.
Topaz Gold 4% abv
Brand new offering from this well established Suffolk brewery. So new we don't even have a strength for it!
Arbor of Bristol
Hoptical Delusion 3.8% abv
Heavily hopped pale ale.
Triple Hop Series 4% abv
Pale ale using 3 types of hops
Atom of North Riding via Beverley via Hull New Brewery
Experiment T 4% abv Main Bar 1
No tasting notes
Attwood Ales of Hartlebury, Worcestershire
Nectar 4.2% abv
This beautifully light golden bitter is well balanced with a gentle sweetness throughout, that counters the North Down and Fuggles hops. Its morish nature will keep you coming back for more
Austendyke of Weston Hills, Lincolnshire
Bakestraw 5.1% abv
Straw colour with celeia and cascade hops
Aylesbury of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Renton & Overton Stout 4.9% abv
A lightly roasted Oatmeal Stout brewed with Chocolate malt resulting in a deliciously smooth ale with a well balanced finish.
Whittle 3.9% abv
Traditional English Summer Bitter brewed with all English hops. Amber in colour.
Ayr of Ayr, Ayrshire
Scaur O' Doon Raspberry Summer 3.6% abv
Raspberry, biscuit and citrus fruit aroma
Barley to Beer Collaborative of Snuston, Norfolk New Brewery
Hot Rock Ale 6% abv Main Bar 1
Sorry. No tasting notes.
Medieval Brew 7% abv Main Bar 1
Sorry. No tasting notes.
Bateman of Wainfleet, Lincs
Dark Mild 3% abv
A creamy mild with a fruity palate, some roast character and a hoppy finish.
Golden Swallow 4% abv
A fabulous golden beer, brewed with Pilsner and Crystal malts and Styrian, Goldings, Bobek and Cascade hops which infuse subtle passion fruit and citrus flavours, whilst retaining a wonderful malty balance
Salem Porter 4.7% abv
A porter with a dry roast, nutty palate and rich malty aftertaste
XB 3.7% abv
A distinctive, well balanced bitter, with a refreshing dry bitterness on the palate and pleasing hoppy finish
XXXB 4.5% abv
Superb strong bitter with a complex palate, consisting of a delicate aroma of hops delightfully balanced by a prominent malty character
Yella Belly Gold 3.9% abv
A golden colour, refreshing beer brewed with lager malt and Chinook and Cascade hops, giving a lovely citrus flavour and aroma, which is quite dry and very moreish
Bath Ales of Warmley, Avon
Gem 4.1% abv
Rich aroma of hops and malt, and a long, deep, bittersweet finish
Special Pale Ale 3.7% abv
Golden colour and prominent citrus aroma, light and crisp, and is dry without being harsh.
Beerd of Bristol New Brewery
Razor 4.2% abv Main Bar 1
Sit back in our creaky leather seat and let the pale barber freshen you up with his full-bodied Razor blade. Lather up with nosey passion fruit, cut, then finish off with honey and bitter orange astringent. Something for the weekend, sir
Superweizen 5.5% abv Main Bar 1
A charged Hefeweizen with a sweet citrus hoppiness alongside flavours of orange, biscuit and spicy cloves.
Belleville of Wandsworth, London SW12 New Brewery
Commonside Pale 5% abv
Fresh as newly mown grass, golden and sparkling; the Horizon and Amarillo hops from the Willamette and Yakima valleys of Oregon lie at the heart of this U.S. style Pale Ale
Thames Surfer 5.7% abv
This West Coast IPA with it's bright copper tones and big wave of hops will transport you to Califoregon in an instant
Beowulf of Birmingham
Dragon Smoke Stout 4.7% abv
Dark malts and roasted barley combine to produce a smoldering "chocolate" flavour... followed by a mouth embracing bitterness
Gold Work 5.1% abv
A clear wheat beer
I.P.A. 7.2% abv Main Bar 1
Very bitter, true to the proper aromatic strong ale style designed to take an ocean voyage.
Bexar County of Peterborough New Brewery
Anciano aka MJF 6.3% abv
A light hoppy beer with bitter notes running from start to finish. A must for the hopheads…
Gose 4% abv Main Bar 1
Pronounced Goes-uh, this is in old styled wheat beer which is salty, slightly sour, and with a hint of coriander. A very refreshing beer when the weather is hot.
Papa Steve 9% abv
Roasted malts take centre stage while the 90+ IBUs sing the harmony. A well balanced American Imperial Stout that will continue to bombard your taste buds long after you have had the last drink.
Rick's Victory Vanilla Milk Stout 5.8% abv Main Bar 1
The aroma is roasty and vanilla. The initial flavor is roast and dark chocolate, but then becomes roasty and sweet with a touch of vanilla towards the end. The mouthful is medium full and the finish long.
Vaquero 3.7% abv
A copper coloured, light, hoppy, and easy drinking beer. This is the type of beer a vaquero (cowboy) would reach for after a long days work out on the range
Big Lamp of Newburn, Northumberland
Keelman Brown 5.7% abv
A full bodied ale with a hint of toffee
Sunny Daze 3.6% abv
A very light, well hopped beer
Bird's of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire
Skullduggery 5.2% abv
A strong tawny ale, well rounded with an inital sweetness followed by hoppiness provided by Cascade and Nelson Sauvin hops with hidden notes of molasses
Summer Daze 4.2% abv
A pale golden ale with an aroma of tropical fruits and dry citrus flavour of grapefruit and peaches giving way to a pleasant hoppy finish.
Bitches at Brodies of Huddersfield, Leyton
The Best Red I.P.A. in the World 6% abv Main Bar 1
The Best Red I.P.A. in the World apparently.
Black Bar of Harston, Cambridgeshire New Brewery
Black Economy 4.6% abv
Hopped Black Ale. Its an ale that is black and for drinking when a blonde just doesn’t cut it.
Blacklight 4% abv
Rich evening sun gold in colour with Casade hops on the nose, Progress on the bitterness and a touch of Pioneer in the middle
Black Sheep of Masham, North Yorkshire
Best 3.8% abv
Fuggles hops against a malty background
Riggwelter 5.9% abv
Deep chestnut brown colour with an aroma of freshly roasted coffee
Blue Bell of Whaplode St Catherine, Lincs.
Ingle Dingle Ale 5.1% abv
Mid brown, malty and slightly sweet for its strength.
Old Honesty 4.1% abv
Popular award winning beer.  A traditional well balanced beer brewed using premium maris otter malt & four hop varieties, including fuggles, to give a full bodied rounded bitterness.
Blue Monkey of Guiltbrook, Notts.
B.G. Sips 4% abv
A pale and intensely hoppy beer. Enticing tropical fruit aromas, finished with a good level of thirst quenching, almost peppery bitterness
Dirty Monkey 5.4% abv Festival Special
Beer brewed by the PBF celler team. A black I.P.A. made using English hops.
Infinity + 1 5.6% abv
An infinitely satisfying pale ale, brewed with Citra hops from the USA for a punchy hop presence
Malt Guerrilla 5% abv Main Bar 1
A creamy stout, full of roast malt flavour and a slightly sweet finish.
Marmoset 3.6% abv
Pale and hoppy, with a full fruity flavour for a low ABV beer.
Port Sanctuary 4.4% abv Main Bar 1
A traditional malty bitter with a hoppy twist
Boggart Hole Clough of Manchester
Me Me 3.8% abv
A lager style ale with an amazing tropical flavour and aroma.
Mud Brawler Vanilla 4.4% abv
Presumably a porter flavoured with vanilla. Sounds good.
Box Steam of Holt, Wiltshire
Derail Ale 5.2% abv
A wonderfully hoppy traditional India Pale Ale. Full flavoured with an intense floral aroma, finished with well balanced bitterness
Evening Star 7.5% abv Main Bar 1
Almost Black in colour, with a subtle vanilla, chocolate and coffee aroma. Vanilla sweetness contrasts with the bitterness of roasted barley and coloured malts.
Brampton of Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Tudor Rose 4.6% abv
A well-balanced and creamy Pale Ale. Dominated by new-world citrus hops
Brass Castle of Pocklington, East Yorkshire
Bad Kitty 5.5% abv
A chewy chocolate vanilla dream of a porter
Sunshine 5.7% abv
A US West Coast hop-forward IPA. Bitterness is balanced by malt sweetness in this IPA and dry hopping rounds out the aroma.
Brüpond of Leyton, London E10 New Brewery
Sweet Bee Honey’d Wheat 4.5% abv
A delicate balance of hops, barley and wheat, with a light dose of honey.
Brecon of Brecon, Powys
Orange Beacons 4.3% abv
A clear summer wheat beer infused with fresh oranges
Three Beacons 3% abv
Pale golden APA remarkably full flavoured and extensively hopped a beer that truly defies its strength
Brewsters of Grantham, Lincolnshire
Black Watch 5.5% abv Festival Special
A black beer with complex roast notes from a combination of carafa, crystal and caramalts. Generous helpings of Simcoe, Galaxy & Summit hops contribute aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and rich citrus in a real taste explosion.
Hophead 3.6% abv
A pale hoppy brew with a fresh floral hop character from a blend of English and American hops. A most satisfying and refreshing session beer
Hopstocks 4% abv
Herbal, piney and citrus with a firm refreshing bitterness. Spicy citrus with a blackcurrant tang from the Endeavour hops.
Bristol Beer Factory of Bristol
Milk Stout 4.5% abv
Smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruits.
Southville Hop 6.5% abv
American inspired IPA. Not for the faint hearted - packed with tropical fruit flavours and aromas.
Brown Cow of Barlow, North Yorks.
Hop 2 It 4.3% abv Festival Special
A new recipe premium pale ale brewed with lager malt and hopped with Summit, Chinook and Cascade in the boil and finished with Cascade in the FV.
Sessions 3.6% abv
A very pale hoppy session beer, drinks full for its strength. Refreshing finish with citrus notes in the aftertaste
Bumpmill of Shirland, Derbyshire New Brewery
Drops of Jupiter 4% abv
Blonde Pale Ale with citrus Grapefruit notes leading to a slightly bitter finish
Hearts of Gold 4.2% abv
Golden Pale Ale
Buntingford of Royston, Hertfordshire
Cascade 4% abv
A golden beer brewed with Cascade hops from the USA. Floral/spicy flavour with citrus grapefruit background.
Imperial Pale Ale 6.2% abv Main Bar 1
Brewed with a blend of pale malts and heavily-hopped with Bramling Cross, Amarillo, Liberty and Centennial hops.
Sunstar 4.3% abv
Golden coloured with a sweet fruity bitter finish. Brewed wit Brewers Gold hops from Germany.
Buzzard of Llandyrnog, Clwyd New Brewery
Pale of Clwyd 4.2% abv
Pale coloured full bodied well hopped with cascade, fuggles & goldings
Cambridge Brewing Co. of Cambridge New Brewery
Ivy League 4.9% abv
Seriously hoppy light crisp and dry American pale ale using a blend of American hops and Maris Otter barley for a full citrus hoppy aroma.
Lions Share 4.4% abv Main Bar 1
Classic taste of traditional British barley pitted against modern antipodean hops, to create a fantastically thirst quenching bitter.
Misty River 4.2% abv
Hoppy pale ale features a subtle blend of English, European and American hops to give a floral and citrus aroma with long tasting hints of grapefruit and spice
Castle Rock of Nottingham
Black Gold 3.8% abv
A well balanced dark mild ale with some bitterness, full bodied, but not overly sweet.
Harvest Pale 3.8% abv
Kilned malt with a blend of American hops. The hops are very noticeable and lead to a crisp aftertaste.
Honey Bee 4.8% abv
Brewed with Honey and Endeavour hops.
Castor of Castor, Cambs.
Castorware Mild 4.4% abv
A dark ale, the sweetness balanced by subtle hop additions creating a well balanced traditional mild.
Roman Gold 3.7% abv
A refreshing summer bitter, well hopped, with a light nutty after taste.
The Atomic Number of Krypton 5.1% abv Festival Special
Unlike krypton this beer has colour, taste and smell. It's ruby colour gives way to a malty flavour balanced by bittering hops and flavoured by late additions and dry hops. A festival special
Chantry of Rotherham, South Yorkshire New Brewery
Iron & Steel Bitter 4% abv
Chestnut coloured, complex spicy flavours of dark fruits with a clean finish. An easy drinking true Yorkshire session bitter.
New York Pale 3.9% abv
A pale session bitter with a refreshing citrus taste and a crisp bitter finish. Brewed using the flavoursome cascade and centennial American hops and finest Maris Otter malt.
Church End of Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Bats in the Belfry 5.6% abv
A soft, full flavoured wheat beer made with real grapefruit
Brewt 8% abv Main Bar 1
Pale & hoppy, with fruit aromas, followed by a full bodied bitterness
Goat's Milk 3.8% abv
Golden yellow nectar. Pale barley, crystal malt and oats, blend to fill the palate with flavour. Aromatic hops dance over the tongue for a gentle hop finish
Clarence & Fredericks of Croydon, Greater London New Brewery
American Pale Ale 4.5% abv
Lots of American hops create a blend of piney and citrus aromas and flavours. Hops include Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Galena, and Summit
Coastal of Redruth, Cornwall
Fools IPA 7.4% abv Main Bar 1
Deep golden ale with citrus hop & fruity flavours, sweet bitter finish. Pronounced fruity hop aromas in this powerful true IPA. Main hop is Bullion
Summer Wakes 4.2% abv
Brewed with new experimental hop 366 single hop brew This golden beer is strikingly hoppy with a mellow back feel.
Sunshine IPA 6% abv
Golden ale full flavoured IPA, lots of citrus hops to give a fruity flavour. Full bodied and rounded with a pronounced fruity hop aromas throughout. Dryness to the finish. Main hop Centenial
Copper Kettle of Rushden, Northants. New Brewery
Cornucopia 4% abv
A dry, easy drinking and very moreish pale ale.  Medium bodied with a mineral dryness, offset by pleasant sweet balanced provided by flaked maize.  Late hopped with Chinook for a satisfying candy/spice finish.
Ginger Gringo 3.6% abv Festival Special
A deep golden session ale spiced with root ginger.  A delicately balance of a traditional English ale uplifted by the addition of just enough ginger so as to provide a new dimension, without being overpowering.  Dangerously moreish!
Ned Kelly Oatlaw Stout 4.5% abv
Dark, complex and full bodied.  Well balanced fruit, roast and biscuit notes accompanied by a mellow yet mouthwatering bitterness.
Craddock's of Stourbridge, West Midlands
Capra 5% abv
A pale, lightly hopped, fruity premium bitter. a sweet leading to dry finish, with grapefruit & pineapple undertones.
Troll 5.4% abv
A deceptively strong, sophisticated golden ale, with a bitter sweet taste, and dry hop finish.
Crouch Vale of South Woodham Ferrers, Essex
Brewers Gold 4% abv
Supreme Champion Beer of Britain at the Great British Beer Festival 2005 AND 2006, this is a pale, refreshing and hoppy beer with gorgeous aromas of tropical fruits
Citra 3.9% abv
Wonderful, refreshing zesty aromas top off a pale, light biscuity body. Sweetness and bitterness combine in a hugely satisfying session beer.
Junga 4.1% abv Festival Special
Golden ale will take full advantage of the blackcurranty, grapefruity characteristics of this lovely Polish hop.
Dancing Duck of Derby, Derbyshire
Dark Drake 4.5% abv
Delicious malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine wonderfully in a smooth drinking velvety, oatmeal stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish.
Dcuk 4.3% abv
A great aroma and powerful upfront hoppy bitterness give way to an explosion of citrus and pine flavours. A full on hop attack not for the faint hearted!
Seduction 5.2% abv
A malt led beer, dark fruit flavours are followed by a lingering powerful American hop. A tantalisingly tasty ruby ale.
Dark Star of Ansty, West Sussex
Art of Darkness 3.5% abv
A range of dark malts bring classic roasted flavours along with a hint of sweetness through the natural complex sugars. Warrior bittering hops are used, along with a blend of the finest aroma hops to add fruit and spicy flavours
Hophead 3.8% abv
Pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops
Sunburst 4.8% abv
A hint of initial sweetness adds to the fruitiness and grapefruit tang of this summer ale without detracting from its clean flavour and rich hop aroma.
Deeply Vale of Bury, Greater Manchester New Brewery
Still Walking 3.8% abv
A light, well balanced, easy drinking session ale, with a fruity aroma and a velvety smooth feel.
Digfield of Barnwell, Northants.
Fool's Nook 3.8% abv
Golden Summer bitter well hopped with a refreshing citrus aftertaste.
Mad Monk 4.8% abv
Deliciously full-bodied and slightly darker, this strong ale has hints of malt and chocolate in the finish
Tipple 4.2% abv
A golden, well balanced bitter with a refreshing, hoppy aftertaste.
Doncaster of Doncaster, South Yorkshire New Brewery
First Aviation Pale 5% abv
Copper beer made with Maris Otter pale malt and Caramalt using East Kent Goldings and Magnum hops. A mild citrus aroma with a spicy bitter flavour
MapfestivAle 4% abv Festival Special
Dark blond in colour made with Lager, Vienna, Wheat and Crystal Wheat malts. Infused with crushed coriander and hopped with East Lent Gouldings and Pilot hops. Dry hopped with Cascade. A refreshing citrusy / grapefruit flavour with a dry finish.
The Plant Porter 5% abv
Deep reddish brown almost black in colour made with Maris Otter pale, dark crystal, black and chocolate malt. Hopped using Pheonix and East Kent Goldings. A dark malty porter with a spicy earthy aroma with a slightly spicy bitter flavour and a hint of coffee/chocolate on the finish.
Dorset Piddle of Piddlehinton, Dorset
Silent Slasher 5.1% abv
Blonde lager style beer crafted with the finest extra pale malt and wheat. Deceivingly light, with hops chosen for their floral aroma and flavour.
Dukeries of Worksop, Nottinghamshire New Brewery
Baronet 3.9% abv
Hand crafted traditional Chestnut bitter with good hops on the nose and bags of fruity flavours going on to the end with a dry bitter finish.
Ray of Sunshine 4.2% abv
Pale, easy drinking beer brewed with English hops and Nottingham yeast.
East London Brewing Co. of London E10
Nightwatchman 4.5% abv
It's red-tinged in colour and is relatively well hopped
Elgood of Wisbech
Black Dog 3.6% abv
Well balanced malt and hops gives a pleasant aroma and taste, with splendid roasted bitter flavours.
Black Eagle Imperial Stout 8.699999999999998% abv
The main characters of the Imperial stout are bitter chocolate with rum & Raisin.
Double Dog 6.5% abv Main Bar 1
A near black beer with a ruby hue and an off-white head. A boozy strong mild.
Prawn Free 3.7% abv
Light, Hoppy refreshing Beer for summer
Elland of Elland, West Yorkshire
Goldrush 4.6% abv
A golden pale ale, brewed using three different malts and Challenger & Amarrillo hops for a floral and spicy aroma with balanced flavour and a full hoppy aftertaste
Legacy 4.9% abv Festival Special
A golden bitter, using a blend of American and English hops, then dry-hopped with citrus Centennial  specially for PBF
Oh Mister Porter 6.5% abv Main Bar 1
Rich and dark, a port aroma with a coffee and chocolate flavour. Unfined and matured with oak chips
Exmoor of Wiveliscombe, Somerset
Beast 6.6% abv
Brewed with a mix of pale ale, chocolate and crystal malts, and hopped with Goldings, Challenger and Brewers Gold, it is dark mahogany-brown in colour
Gold 4.5% abv
Enticing gold in colour. The nose is an interplay between a fresh bouquet of grassy and floral hop and a subtly soft, fluffy caramel-tinged maltiness
Silver Stallion 4.3% abv
Chestnut-coloured bitter. A complex mix of four hops - Goldings, Bramling Cross, Northdown and WGV - plus a pinch of chocolate malt joining pale malt in the mash, produced a robustly flavoured beer with a fresh and fruity nose (hints of blackcurrant), plus biscuity maltiness in the background
Fell of Fluckburgh, Cumbria New Brewery
Fell Pale 5.1% abv
Relatively low in bitterness and with an uncomplicated malt base, the hops are added late and in abundance
Patriot Wheat 4.8% abv
Additions of orange peel and elderflowers keeps things fresh, floral and fruity
Flipside of Nottingham, Notts.
Golden Sovereign 4.2% abv
A golden coloured 4.2% session ale. Refreshingly bitter with dry biscuit flavours, American hops are added to produce pleasant citrus and grapefruit flavour in the finish
Flowerpots of Cheriton, Hampshire
Elder Ale 3.8% abv
A dry beer, very light in colour, with a hint of elderflower. Refreshing and fragrant
Flowerpots Bitter 3.8% abv
A dry, hoppy traditional bitter with a light bronze colour
Flowerpots IPA 6% abv
Brewed with powerful North American Simcoe hops to give a strong fruity hop flavour which balances the weight of malt in a traditional
Formosa 5.3% abv Main Bar 1
Brewed with a blend of soft malts.
Stormchaser 4.5% abv
Golden, hoppy and fragrant. A dry beer for those who like strong hop flavour & aroma.
Forge of Hartland, Devon
Litehouse 4.3% abv
Golden colour, light and hoppy citrus notes with a hint of elderflower and a bitter finish
Maid In Devon 4% abv
A copper coloured ale with a fresh citrus nose, fruity flavours with a powerful hoppy finish that leaves you wanting more.
Fox of Heacham, Norfolk
Grizzly Beer 4.8% abv
Honey wheat beer brewed from an American recipe.
Heacham Gold 3.9% abv
A gentle beer with light citrus airs. A low but increasing bitterness is the major flavour as some initial sweet hoppiness quickly declines.
S.H.S. 3.8% abv Festival Special
Stands for Special Hops Service
Fry's of Boyton, Cornwall
Haven 4.2% abv
Sensible bitter, smooth with a nice hint of Goldings and Cascade hops. Very refreshing all year round
Ruby Chough 4.5% abv
A deep ruby ale from a fantastic match of the best pale and abbey malts creating an IPA with a difference, the heavy hopping of blackcurrant and blackberry spicy hops
Fuller's of Chiswick, London W4
1845 6.3% abv
A rich beer with a fruit cake aroma, spices and nutmeg from malt and hops resulting in a dry, fruity finish'
Imperial Stout 10.7% abv Main Bar 1
Rich, dark appearance with strong chocolate and deep cherry notes with a hint of dark, rich, slightly smoky Kalamata olives. A velvet middle palate leads to a slightly lighter floral bitterness on the afterpalate. The inclusion of rose buds infused in the beer during maturation lend a slight Turkish Delight flavour to the beer.
London Pride 4.1% abv
Known and loved for its smooth, distinctive malty base and rich balance of hops flavours
Fyne Ales of Achadunan, Argyll
Rune 3.5% abv
Delicate nose of straw, light grass and faintly toasted dough. Light sweet flavor with a sturdy bitterness of grass and pale hay
Superior I.P.A. 7.1% abv
Deep amber colours with aromas of apricot and peach. Flavours of tropical and stone fruits with a smooth balanced hoppiness leading to a long bittersweet finish.
Zombier 6.9% abv
A deep black porter with a caramel tan head. Big aromas and flavours of treacle, toffee and liquorice with hints of chocolate and coffee. A lingering roasted malt bitterness returns from the dead with bite
Gas Dog of Burrough-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire New Brewery
Gas Dog Ale 4% abv
Chocolate, dark malty stoutish brew
Red Setter 4% abv
This easy drinking beer is reddish in colur.
Goosenargh of Goosenargh, Lancashire New Brewery
Bit O' Blonde 4% abv
A very light ale crisp and clean, English hops provide a taste of summer.
Grafters of Willingham by Stow, Lincolnshire
Chastise 6.17% abv Main Bar 1
Brewed to commemorate 611 squadron on the dambuster raids who flew from nearby airfield, Chastise was the Operation name.
Darker Side of the Moon 4.2% abv
Classed as a strong Mild with a deceptively smooth, chocolaty taste. Made from Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts with torrefied wheat. Single hopped with Progress hops and late hopped with Northdown for aroma
Moonlight 3.6% abv
A very light citrus beer, made from pale malt and torrefied wheat
Grafton Brewing Co. of Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Charioteer 6.5% abv
Smooth beer with a blend of American hops.
Coco Loco 5% abv Main Bar 1
A dark beer, moderately hoppy with toffee and coconut accents. Made using German malts and hops with added coconut oil.
Framboise 4% abv
A Deep Amber Coloured With Exceptional Clarity. Fruity Flavours And A Slight Liquorice Aftertaste.
Grainstore of Oakham, Rutland
Gold 4.5% abv
A refreshing, light golden brew, whose flavour is a complex of mellow malt sweetness finely balanced against a subtle floral aroma and smooth bitterness
Rutland Beast 5.3% abv
Rutland Beast is strong yet exceptionally balanced. Dark earthy brown in colour, its fantastic flavours blend together to produce a mind blowing great beer
Rutland Panther 3.4% abv
A refreshing well balanced dark mild, whose chocolate and fruity flavours compliment its roasted long bitter finish. Primed using a combination of rich dark sugars, this beer is a taste sensation
Great Heck of Great Heck, North Yorkshire
Black Jesus 6.5% abv
Black IPA with biblical quantities of premium hops.
Five 5% abv
A delicious golden ale made with five varieties of American hops. Pleasingly dry and packed with hop aroma and flavour.
Green Jack of Lowestoft, Suffolk
Baltic Trader 10.5% abv Main Bar 1
Extra Strong Export Stout. Smooth, rich and fruity with roasted coffee & vanilla flavours
Ripper 8.5% abv
Strong, sweet and fruity with a warming finish
Rising Sun 5% abv
Strong pale ale with fruity, spicy hop aromas and a crisp bitterness.
Trawlerboys Best Bitter 4.6% abv
Full-bodied and a copper-coloured premium bitter brewed with English whole cone hops,rich and malty with fruity hop flavours
Hamelsworde of Hemsworth, West Yorkshire New Brewery
Haley's Comet 4.5% abv Main Bar 1
A fresh summery ale which is light and easily quaffed, Amarillo, Cascade and Fuggles give this beer a citrus aroma and taste
Spanish Stout 4.2% abv Main Bar 1
A traditional Stout with a strong roasted flavours and a sweet liquorice taste complimented by aniseed
Hand Drawn Bexar Monkey of 0
0 ?.?% abv Festival Special Main Bar 1
123.45 7% abv Main Bar 1
The name is in reference to the IBUs in the beer. Dark and hoppy... An American imperial stout.
Hand Drawn Monkey of Huddersfield, West Yorks. New Brewery
I.P.A. 5% abv
Very pale full of sherbert lemony goodness.
Untraditional Tradition 3.3% abv
Black lime and cardamon mild.
WWJD What Would Jephers Do? 4.5% abv
Red rye beer with fruity hops and citrus aroma.
Harbour of Bodmin, Cornwall
Amber 4% abv
Amber Ale is a malt driven ale with caramel and toffee flavour. Finished with mild floral hops
IPA 5% abv
This golden ale has citrus characters and robust yet balanced bitterness.
Harrogate of Harrowgate, North Yorkshire New Brewery
Pine Woods Pale Ale 5.6% abv Main Bar 1
Pale gold, fruity and zesty.
Harthill Village of Harthill, South Yorkshire New Brewery
Hart Stopper 4% abv
A classic hoppy blonde ale brewed with Pale Maris Otter malted barley. The choicest Australian Galaxy and American Cascade hops are used to give a fresh, pungent aroma of citrus and berry fruits with hints of zest and spice.
Hart's Desire 4.4% abv
A slightly darker golden or amber premium ale brewed with a special blend of Slovenian Styrian Goldings and American Cascade hops complementing a classic combination of crystal and Maris Otter malts
Harvey of Lewes, Sussex
Lewes Castle Brown Ale 4.8% abv
A traditional full malty 'brown ale' with coffee and liquorice notes
Olympia 4.2% abv
A cool golden summer ale. Very refreshing with a balanced complexity
Sussex Wild Hop I.P.A. 3.7% abv Main Bar 1
New Blonde Beer brewed with Sussex Hop – originally discovered growing wild in a hedgerow in Sussex.
Harviestoun of Alva, Stirlingshire
Ola Dubh 12 10% abv
This amazing brew has been aged in selected oak casks formerly used to mature Highland Park 12 Year Old Single Malt Whisky, adding complementary whisky notes to this chocolatey, bittersweet beer.
Ola Dubh 30 11% abv Main Bar 1
Made by taking Old Engine Oil and aging it for up to 6 months in casks that previously held Highland Park’s phenomenal 30 Year Old single malt whisky.
Old Engine Oil 10.5% abv Main Bar 1
This beer is just the job for anyone who appreciates beautifully engineered stuff that used to be made properly. So undo the top button of your pressed pits overalls, ease into the wingback and roll out a rare taste of a truly great British beer
Schiehallion 4.8% abv
Like the famous mountain it takes its name from, the gutsy craft lager, Schiehallion (pronounced "She-hal-i-on") brings intense reward for the sort who like to plant their flag at the very top.
Hastings of St. Leonards, Sussex
Best 4.1% abv
A tasty traditional Best Bitter, made with classic English hops. East Kent Goldings lend a pleasing fruitiness; Fuggles an earthy bitterness. A good solid ale, nicely done.
Blonde 3.9% abv
American hops meet European elderflowers in a subtly sweet, bitter and hoppy beer. Refreshing on a summer’s day; perfect to recapture that summery feeling at any time of year
Highland of Swannay by Evie, Orkney
Dark Munro 4% abv
A fantastic darker ale which has a changing drinking profile.
Orkney Best 3.9% abv
A very refreshing, easy drinking beer. Hopped with American, Polish and New Zealand hops early and late in the copper.
Hop Back of Salisbury
Entire Stout 4.5% abv
A rich dark stout with a strong roasted malt flavour and a long, smooth aftertaste. Suitable for vegans
Redsell's EKG 3.9% abv
This is a classic English bitter, a celebration of the best of our native malt and hops. Expect a burnished copper colour, strong malty flavour with a clean lemon and spice finish.
Summer Lightning 5% abv
An extremely pleasant bitter, straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma.
Hop Studio of Elvington, East Yorkshire
Vindhya 6% abv
Contemporary strong IPA style beer, full of powerful hops with a bitter sweet end that makes this almost too easy to drink
Zest 4.5% abv
A light bodied, lemon infused wheat beer; refreshing, packed with citrus flavours and a smooth finish this is the perfect summer ale with a difference
Hopshackle of Market Deeping, Lincs.
American Pale Ale 4.3% abv
An amber coloured ale with a fruity zesty aroma . The taste is citrus hop with background gooseberry and lychees and a dry bitter finish
Fire Belly 7% abv
Amber coloured beer loaded with intense hop flavours of citrus and tropical fruits.
Restoration 2010 10% abv Main Bar 1
Belgian Strong Ale 2010 Vintage
Smoked Porter 5.2% abv
A dark red beer with an aroma of malt, roasted grain and smoke . The flavours are a complex mix of malt , fruit , bitter chocolate and dark treacle with a smokey finish
Hunters of Ipplepen, Devon
Black Jack 6% abv
Premium strong but light stout that is well balanced with a caramel undertone
Crispy Pig 4.5% abv
A strong speciality beer using fresh apples has been designed to complement The Crispy Pig Hog Roast company
Deuce 4% abv
A light hoppy beer with vanilla pod and strawberry flavour. A fresh summer pint celebrating Wimbledon and all that is British!!
Hunters Gold 4.8% abv
Golden full-bodied malted beer. Lovely strong pint!! The first brewed for Hunters Brewery this ale is a lovely malty flavour hopped with Golding a typically English hop
Pheasant Plucker 4.3% abv
Warm, rounded yet surprisingly delicate dark strong ale
Royal Hunt 5.5% abv
Brewed to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. A premium strong ale, amber in colour with a bitter sweet citrus finish
Iceni of Ickburgh, Norfolk
Granary Ale 4.5% abv Festival Special
A red ale, complex with a rich mouth feel and a long hop finish after a two hour boil and five hop additions
Swaffam Gold 5% abv
Smooth drinking golden ale with a beautiful aftertaste
Isca of Holcombe, Devon
Dawlish Pale 5% abv
No tasting notes for this brewery.
Limited Edition #13 3.8% abv
Dry hopped with Citra
Jolly Sailor of Riccall, East Yorkshire New Brewery
Jolly Blonde 4% abv
Blonde beer with a citrus taste
Keystone of Berwick St. Leonard, Wiltshire
Gold Hill 4% abv
Golden in colour full of citrus and floral aromas. Hoppier than Gold Standard with the addition of English Cascade hops
Large One 4.2% abv
A best bitter with a distinct malty flavour and a delicate addition of bittering hops with hints of fruit and spice in the aftertaste
V.P.A. 4.6% abv
Light in colour with subtle malt flavours and medium bitterness leading to crisp hop flavours and aromas from Goldings and Bodecea Hops.
Kinver Brewery of Kinver, Staffordshire
Khyber 5.8% abv
Strong and bitter in true IPA fashion.
Maybug 4.8% abv
A top fermented German style cask conditioned lager
Lacons of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk New Brewery
Affinity 4.8% abv
Robustly full bodied with a glistening chestnut tint, the ale's complex passion fruit and lychee tartness leaps forward closely followed by a perfectly charming balance of fruit and malt on the finish.
Encore 3.8% abv
Glowing with a pale amber hue, this flavour packed ale leads with delicate fruit aromas, comfortably balancing a dry pine and citrus crescendo of flavour throughout followed by a finish that is long and dry
Hiatus 4% abv Festival Special
Twinkling auburn with a bracing citrus fragrance of lifted lemon and lime. Initial bitterness mellows giving way to an influx of passion and other tropical fruits. The finish is fine with a crisp fruity bite.
Legacy 4.4% abv
Delightfully moreish, this revivifying blonde ale has an abundantly refreshing citrusaroma. This intensifies into a deliciously deep wave of lemon and lime, ending with a lengthy mellowing bitter finish.
Late Knights of London SE 20. New Brewery
Crack of Dawn 3.9% abv
Easy drinking pale ale. It is fresh and full of flavour
Hairy Dog 6% abv
It has coffee and chocolate hints, but with the big punch of a cracking IPA
Old Red Eyes 4.5% abv
Double hopped with Pacific Jade hops. This amber-red ale has an equal depth in colour and taste with caramel flavours and hints of butter…ooh, maybe butterscotch?
Leeds of Leeds, West Yorkshire
Funfair 3.6% abv
A straw coloured summer beer. A crisp clean light coloured beer flavoured with English hops to reflect the traditions of British summer time.
Midnight Bell 4.8% abv
A premium dark mild. Crystal and chocolate malts combine to give a full bodied, complex character to this award winning ale
Lees of Middleton, Manchester
Brewer's Dark 3.5% abv
This dark coloured beer is smooth, well- rounded and light to drink. It has enticingly sweet undertones of liquorice and chocolate, and a full malty aftertaste
Manchester Pale Ale 3.7% abv
MPA is a golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty and Mount Hood hops.
Moonraker 6.5% abv
This reddish brown beer has a strong, fruity aroma accompanied by a rich, sweet flavour
Magic Rock of Oakes, West Yorkshire
Highwire 5.5% abv
Mango, lychee and lip-smacking grapefruit flavours harmonise against a smoothly composed malt base, which develops into a crisply bitter finish
Rapture 4.6% abv
Full bodied, heavenly hoppy red beer. 5 types of malt and 6 types of hops make for a truly elating experience. Uplifting aromas of grapefruit and pine, combine with a pithy orange and pronounced citrus flavour which is balanced against a deeply rich and malty body
Simpleton I.P.A. 2.8% abv Main Bar 1
This is a beer totally devoid of common sense, the jester in the pack, a complete Simpleton…
Magpie of Nottingham, Notts.
Monty's Firkin 4.6% abv
Premium ale, sunset yellow colour, peppery nose, mixed fruit cocktail and spicy taste
Mallinson's of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Amarillo 4.2% abv
Described as "Very pale gold with a light orange citrus nose, bitter orange hop taste and long bitter, dry-ish finish. Brewed only using amarillo hops."
Castle Hill Premium 4.6% abv
Brewed using Brewers Gold bittering hops and lots of Nelson Sauvin hops for aroma. Described as "Gold appearance with a fruity citrus hop nose, bitter grapefruity citrus hops in the mouth with a long citrusy bitter hop finish."
Mosaic (Dry Hopped) 4% abv Main Bar 1
One of a range of single hopped beers brewed only using Mosaic hops from the USA. Described as "Pale blonde with a spicy fresh nose, a bitter sharp grapefruit flavour, and a bitter intense finish."
Mount Pleasant Mild 3.7% abv
Described as "Very dark brown with an off-white head. The aroma is fruit and slight treacle toffee, the taste is dark fruits and toffee with a slight bitter finish."
Malthouse of Ossett, West Yorkshire New Brewery
Angel Weiss 4% abv Main Bar 1
Light wheat beer flavoured with Citrus peel and coriander to provide a floral summer flavour.
Insomniac Stout 4% abv
Rich smooth stout packed with roasted coffee flavour
Marble of Manchester
Chocolate Marble 5% abv
This long standing recipe is brewed with an emphasis on chocolate malts; this unclassifiable beer straddles milds to porters, tasting of coffee, cocoa and liquorice with a quenching bitter finish.
Draft 3.9% abv
Straw coloured session ale. A discreet malt base carries refreshing citrus aroma, grassy/floral finish. with an assertive bitterness
Earl Grey 6.8% abv Main Bar 1
With timed additions of earl grey during fermentation, heavy infused hopping and traditional cask maturing. the result is a citrus fruit aroma , smooth sleek texture, hop notes are brilliantly complimented by bergamont and a light tannic finish.
Mauldons of Sudbury, Suffolk
Blackberry Porter 4.8% abv
A full bodied, black porter with a balanced hop aroma and rich blend of chocolate and roast flavours that give way to a subtle sweet fruit finish
Christie's Golden Ale 3.9% abv
Light golden with distinctive citrus hop nose.
Festival Special TBC 5% abv Festival Special
No info on this special.
Melwood of Prescott, Merseyside New Brewery
Fools Gold 5% abv
No details for this beer.
Mile Tree of Wisbech St. Mary, Cambs. New Brewery
Adventurer 4% abv
Golden full-flavoured beer with a ripe, generous fruitiness and a fresh light hop character from East Kent Goldings late addition hops
Black Fen Stout 6% abv Main Bar 1
Rich, dark stout brewed with black molasses as well as five different malts. Target and Goldings hops provide bitterness and aroma.
Fenland Porter 5.5% abv Main Bar 1
Full-bodied dark brown porter with bittersweet dark chocolate, raisins and coffee flavours.
Strawberry Blonde 4.5% abv Festival Special
Amber/copper in colour. This beer is brewed with Lager, Munich and Crystal malts which give a full-bodied and aromatic flavour followed by a spicy hop finish from Crystal and Saaz hops. Dry hopped with East Kent Goldings.
Wellstream 4.9% abv
Ruby brown, full-bodied malty beer with a deep bitter sweet finish. Brewed with Maris Otter malted barley and three English hops, Challenger, Goldings and East Kent Goldings
Milton of Milton, Cambs
Domus Sanctus Petri 6% abv Festival Special
Strong golden ale. Tropical fruits and powerful New Zealand hop characters feature, with a balanced finish.
Justinian 3.9% abv
Yellow colour. Aroma: lemon, citrus fruits, floral. Flavour: light sweet, tangerines, biscuits.
Minotaur 3.3% abv
A rich dark mild with bags of character from the lavish use of chocolate malt
Moncada of London W10
Notting Hill Summer 3.2% abv
Refreshing pale ale with a burst of English berry and tropical flavours.
Moorhouse's of Burnley, Lancashire
Black Cat 3.4% abv
Dark, refreshing beer with a distinct chocolate malt flavour and smooth hoppy finish
Blonde Witch 4.5% abv
This is a light as you can get with a lager colour (minus the bubbles)
Pure Witch 4% abv
Peach and Pear overtones
Navigation of Nottingham
Apus American IPA 5.5% abv Main Bar 1
A refreshing American style IPA brewed with lager malts well balanced with a full American hop, deceptively drinkable with a lasting aftertaste
Classic IPA 5.2% abv
Classic IPA is a healthy straw colour with powerful citrus fruit balanced with malty sweetness and robust bitter flavours
Scutum 4.5% abv
A rich golden ale full of citrus fruit aromas, spectacular in thirst quenching hoppy flavours
Stout 4.4% abv
Traditional, robust stout with roast almonds and chocolate flavours perfectly balanced with a tight creamy head.
Nene Valley of Oundle, Northants.
JLB Jim's Little Brother 3.8% abv
A session strength IPA, warmly golden with pleasant passion fruit and grapefruit hop flavours.
OZP Australian Pale 4.4% abv
A rich golden ale with a floral aroma preceding citrus and tropical fruit flavour from the Australian galaxy hops
Wharf Anniversary Gold (WAG) 5.8% abv Festival Special
Warm golden colour brewed fairly dry with hefty late additions of an experimental hop to give some tropical fruit flavour and aroma.
Newby Wyke of Grantham, Lincs
Black Squall 4.6% abv
A traditional porter style beer with a smooth bitter aftertaste
H.M.Y. Britannia 4.2% abv
Pale coloured ale with a sharp bitter taste which mellows to a fruity citrus.
Tirpitz 2012 5.4% abv Main Bar 1
Cloudy wheat beer with cloves and hops in the initial taste and a slight banana aftertaste.
U.S.S. Winston S. Churchill 5% abv
A fresh ale with hoppy citrus notes and a lovely balance.
Nobby's of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire
Biggus Dickus 4.2% abv
Golden Ale, full mouth feel with an explosion of hops at the end
Virtue 4% abv
A dark brown nutty creamy beer.
Norfocopia of Didlington, Norfolk New Brewery
Birch Sap 6% abv Main Bar 1
Mild and mellow old fashioned alea that owes nothing to hops. Flavoured with foraged birch tree sap.
Elder 6% abv
Mild and mellow old fashioned alea that owes nothing to hops. Flavoured with foraged elderflowers.
Gorse Flower 6% abv Main Bar 1
Mild and mellow old fashioned alea that owes nothing to hops. Flavoured with foraged gorse flowers.
North Riding of Scarborough, North Yorks.
Aussie Punch 4.5% abv
Pale ale using 4 australian hops summer,galaxy,topaz and ella
IBUless 4.2% abv
Single hop Nelson Sauvin beer with no bittering hops added. All the hops are late in the boil
Wizards Sleeve 6% abv Main Bar 1
Black IPA using copious amounts of the new mosaic hop variety
Nutbrook of West Hallam, Derbyshire
Black Beauty 5% abv
An Old English traditional Milk Stout with a secret ingredient giving undertones of chocolate, honey & nuts
Perfect 5th 5% abv
A Strong Pale Ale with beautiful honey tones. The perfect combination of traditional English hops with fresh & fruity American hops
Oakham of Peterborough
Attila 7.5% abv
Fruit notes and elder flower on aroma. Taste of ripe red berries and citrus fruit, with a long, bitter, fruity finish
Bishop's Farewell 4.6% abv
A strong premium beer of structured quality dominated by elaborate fruity hop notes, with a grainy background and dry finish.
Citra 4.2% abv
A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish.
Endless Summer 3.4% abv
This light and refreshing summer beer begins with a fruity nose and taste before an endless wave of grapefruit and bitterness comes and wipes you out
Green Devil I.P.A. 6% abv
Amazing hop harvest aroma with tropical fruit bursting through. juicy, fruity and superbly hoppy bitter dry finish.
Inferno 4% abv
Aroma is Complex hoppy and intense fruits beautifully dry and amazingly zesty.
J.H.B. 3.8% abv
Dry hoppy finish with soft fruit flavours
Scarlett MaCaw 4.4% abv
Gooseberries and fruit to taste leaving a sharp bitter crisp & hoppy finish
Tranquility 6.5% abv
A golden beer which blasts off with powerful grapefruit/citrus aromas and flavours, touching down with an intense and satisfying bitter finish
X-Terminator 7.9% abv Main Bar 1
Amber gold with spicy, oaky and pine aromas and flavours of spiced oranges with sweet toffee malts and bitter lemon, peppery, pine and grapefruit hops.
XX 5.8% abv Festival Special
Brewed to celebrate the breweries 20th Birthday. Will it have hops? OH YES!
Old Sawley of Sawley, Derbyshire New Brewery
Spring Pale 4.1% abv Main Bar 1
A refreshing pale ale with citrus overtones
Toll Bridge Porter 4.5% abv
Smooth,flavours of chocolate,coffee and a hint of vanilla
Victory Bell 4.1% abv Main Bar 1
An amber,malty,traditional session ale.
Oldershaw of Grantham
Barkston Bitter 3.6% abv
This beer is both vivid and mellow, with delicious waves of softly spiced citrus and an ultra-smooth malt base. A classic style beer at its modern day best.
Great Expectations 4.2% abv
A pale gold beer incorporating citrus-rich galaxy and cascade hops
Mosaic Blonde 4.3% abv Festival Special
A lager style beer featuring 3 hop varieties including the new Mosaic hop – powerfully citrus, dynamic, delicious!
Ossett of Ossett, West Yorkshire
Citra 4.2% abv
Although an initial bitterness leads to a sweet malty aftertaste, this is a beer all about hops! A straw coloured ale with powerful aromas of tropical fruit. Mango and pineapple may be detected
Silver Link 4.6% abv
From the original Silver Series of beers first poduced in 1998, Silver Link remains the favourite beer of both Chairman and Head Brewer at Ossett Brewery. Lager coloured, dry and bitter with an intense grapefruit hop character.
Out There of Newcastle upon Tyne New Brewery
Celestial Love 5.1% abv
A rich red body with an off white creamy head. The aroma is caramel with a hint of malt loaf and the taste is sweet malt with floral and grapefruit hop flavours.
Padstow of Padstow, Cornwall New Brewery
Padstow I.P.A. 4.8% abv
Like traditional Indian Pale Ales this IPA has a higher ABV. Yet it's still refreshing and satisfying
Padstow Pilot 4% abv
An amber ale brewed with Maris Otter pale malt, a touch of darker malts, and four different types of hop. We favour English hops for this brew with a touch of Slovenian hops for a distinctive aroma and long finish
Parish of Burrough on the Hill, Leics
30 Years Anniversary Ale 4.4% abv
Light golden hoppy brew
Baz's Bonce Blower 12.2% abv
Strong, very dark beer with a very rich, malty character. A Christmas Pudding Ale.
Farm Gold 4.2% abv
Light-coloured beer with distinctive hoppy taste and powerful aroma.
Pheasantry of East Markham, Notts.
Dancing Dragonfly 5% abv
A refreshing, blonde, summer ale with low to medium bitterness and medium sweetness. The blend of galaxy, summit and cascade hops gives this ale citrus and exotic fruit flavours.
Pheasantry Dark Ale 4.2% abv
Smooth, soft, satisfying Dark Ale with malty flavours, balanced bitterness and a velvety texture
Pig Pub Brewing Co. of Claybrooke Magna, Leicestershire New Brewery
Pigs Best Bitter 4.2% abv
Golden brown in colour with a hint of citrus. The fresh hoppiness comes through at the end with a malt finish
Weiner Best Bitter 3.8% abv
Hoppy and fruity throughout with a compounding bitterness culminating on a distinct dryness at the finish
Portobello of London W10 New Brewery
Carnival Ale 4.5% abv
A Golden blonde beer with a complex mango and passionfruit aroma with just a hint of gooseberry.
Very Pale Ale (VPA) 4% abv
Blonde with citrus and spice.
Private Brewery of Bob of St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Bidazzler 4.2% abv Main Bar 1
A red ale, full of malty flavour and looking like the loveliest thing you have ever seen
Sherunkel 3.7% abv Main Bar 1
Sherunkel is a dark mild, made from a mix or chocolate, crystal and pale malts and given a gentle bitterness with Progress hops
Slayah 5.2% abv Main Bar 1
Slayah is the answer to the question, "can you have a premium ale that is strong and subtle?" In case you hadn't guessed, the answer is "yes".
Ramsbury of Axford, Wiltshire
Flintknapper 4.2% abv
A select blend of pale ale and chocolate malt – and use of Goldings hops – have given this smooth ale a rich amber colour and a taste with malty overtones.
Sunsplash 4% abv
This pale summery ale looks like a pint of pure sunshine. Full of citrus flavours, Sunsplash is fruity on the nose and boasts a satisfying bittersweet finish.
Rat of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Black Rat Porter 4.5% abv
Four different malts combine to give a beer with burnt, coffee and chocolate malt character.
White Rat 4% abv
Very pale hoppy ale with American hops
Raw of Staveley, Derbyshire
Anibus Porter 5.2% abv
Smooth roast malt and mild coffee flavours with a lingering bitterness and gentle hop aroma
Elderpower 3.8% abv
Pale brewed using elderflower giving a slight hint of elderflower flavour finished off with Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops
Empire Ghost I.P.A. 5.9% abv
Englished hopped version of Grey Ghost IPA, using Pilgrim, Pioneer and Admirial
Raw/Arbor of Staveley, Derbyshire, Bristol
BBB (Blueberry Brown Beer) 6.1% abv Main Bar 1
Probably a brown beer with blueberries.
Rebel of Penryn, Cornwall
Cornish Sunset 4% abv
This fruity golden ale is named after the famous Cornish sunset; strong and golden when going down, with a tasting bitterness when it’s gone.
Surf Bum 3.5% abv
The exotic hops used give the beer distinctive fruit punch notes both in flavour and smell along with Mango and kumquats also being prominent in the taste.
Red of Great Staughton, Cambs.
All Saints XXX Porter 6% abv Main Bar 1
Rich zesty porter, chocolate and coffee notes. citrus lemon finish. - (First Gold and WGV Aroma Hops - First Gold dry hopped)
Georgie's Pebble Mild 3.7% abv
Dark mild, light hop, late hopped with Boadicea. Blackcurrant and Chocolate
Orca Stout 6.2% abv
Robust full bodied stout, chocolate and toffee notes. Blackcurrant and plum finish (Bramling Cross amd Goldings Aroma Hops).
Valhalla 5.5% abv
Premium bitter. Bronze coloured strong bitter, balanced hop, late hopped with Progress and First Gold.
Redwell of Norwich, Norfolk New Brewery
Craft Pilsner 5% abv
An English lager.
Revolutions of Castleford, West Yorkshire
E.P. Session Pale 3.9% abv
A very pale ale with balanced levels of sweetness and bitterness and with a crisp lemony hop finish.
John & Yoko 6.9% abv Main Bar 1
IPA with mango, grapefruit and pineapple hop flavours
Whip It 4.5% abv
Pale Brown/Golden bitter with honey and apricot hop notes
Ringwood of Ringwood, Hampshire
Old Thumper 5.6% abv
Warm, rounded yet surprisingly delicate pale strong beer
Riverhead of Marsden, West Yorkshire
Sherbert Lemon 4% abv Main Bar 1
A lovely lemony hit in a light beer. This Lager coloured clear wheat beer is flavoured with lemongrass & Lime leaves
White Cloud 4.5% abv
Extra pale, heavily hopped IPA with intense citrus hop finish.
Rockingham of Blatherwyke, Northants
100 Minute I.P.A. 5.3% abv Festival Special
This is recipe 1OO – all since 1997 ! 5 different U.S. hop varieties (Amarillo, Cascade, Citra, Summit and a new hop - Mosaic) were added at the start of the boil and continuously, until 100 minutes elapsed. This produced a classic red IPA packed with fruit and citrus flavours, which are complemented by an intense hoppy finish.
White Rabbit 3.9% abv
A blonde beer with Galaxy hops from Australia and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand
Rudgate of Tockwith, N. Yorks.
Pride of Slynn 4.2% abv
Something to do with a generously sized cellarman.
Raidho 3.6% abv
Golden coloured easy drinking well rounded fruity ale.
Ruby Mild 4.4% abv
Nutty, rich ruby ale, with a sweet, strawberry, smoky aroma. It has a rich, soft complex taste.
Salopian of Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Automaton 7% abv Main Bar 1
Golden, Swathes of pine, lime
Boomerang 6.9% abv
A surge of pine engulfs the palate while hints of orange and watermelon cascade across a dry and tempered bitter landscape. The finish is long and defined with a whisper of sweetness
Oracle 4% abv
The intention of the hop character is to be pronounced but not all encompassing, dry but not overtly bitter and a tiny hint of sweetness to add body
Saltaire of Saltaire, West Yorkshire
Amarillo Gold 4.4% abv
A straw coloured bright wheat beer with a light biscuit base, a distinct orange bouquet and intense citrus flavour
New World Red 5.2% abv
A deep red malty ale with firm bitterness and citrus notes from blended Australian, American and New Zealand hops
Sambrook's of London SW11
Lavender Hill 4.5% abv
We have taken a Lavender Honey to brew with a selection of British and French hops to create this delightful honey beer
Powerhouse Porter 4.9% abv
If you like porters I am sure that you will not be disappointed by this modern take on this classic London beer style
Sarah Hughes of Dudley, West Midlands
Dark Ruby Mild 6% abv
Smooth and fruity, with gentle pear drop notes, light chocolate and a malty softness.
Scarborough of Scarborough, North Yorkshire New Brewery
Cascades 4.1% abv
Excellent pale beer with happy cascade hops
Settle of Settle, North Yorkshire New Brewery
Signal Main Line 3.6% abv
Fruity, subtly sweet IPA
Shiny of Derby, Derbyshire New Brewery
Furnace 500 3.8% abv
Nothing known about this one
Shortts Farm of Thorndon, Suffolk New Brewery
Skiffle 4.5% abv
Full bodied with complex, rich malty flavours and a clean dry bitter finish
Strummer 3.8% abv
A light, hoppy and easy drinking bitter with a good moreish malty character and mellow hints of citrus to finish
Skinner's of Truro, Cornwall
Cornish Knocker 4.5% abv
Refreshing, golden beer full of life with hops all the way through. Flowery & fruity hops in the mouth and malt undertones,with clean and lasting bittersweet finish.
Ginger Tosser 3.8% abv
A lovely hoppy golden ale, fused with Cornish honey, gives this session beer a superb round finish with a hint of ginger.
Lushingtons 4.2% abv
Using only Cornish barley alongside three unusual hops sourced from the USA
Slater's of Stafford, Staffordshire
Citrus 4.8% abv
The clean crisp taste of this summer golden beer is produced using lager and Caramalt. The delicate aroma of the classic Pilsner style German Hallertau hop provides the base for the addition of the zest of lemons and limes for a citrus twist.
Mara Villa 4.5% abv
Staffordshire Mara Villa raspberries are added late in the brewing process to give this beer its subtly raspberry hue
St Austell of St. Austell, Cornwall
1913 Stout 5.2% abv
1913 Cornish Stout is rich, full, smooth and chocolaty, yet is ligth on the palate with no lingering bitterness.
Goldrush 4% abv
A golden hoppy number in the IPA style and a refreshing citrus beer ideal to quench the thirst on a hot summer’s day
Tribute 4.2% abv
Fruity citrusy hoppy aroma with a light semi sweet fruity taste with a long finish with dryness and some bitterness coming through.
St George's of Callow End, Worcestershire
Dragons Blood 4.8% abv
Chocolate and crystal malt combined to give a ruby red coloured beer with a hint of chocolate. Brewed using fuggles and styrian Goldings, blended for an earthy and slightly spicy arom
White Dragon 3.6% abv
Golden in colour with hoppy undertones. This is brewed with Cascade hops for a fruity citrus taste
Stables of Beamish, County Durham
Burnt Brown 4.5% abv
A red north eastern style brown ale. Full bodied malty ale.
Star of Market Deeping via Norwich New Brewery
Comet 3.8% abv
A refreshing session bitter, pale in colour, combining English barley and American hop varieties to give a zesty bitterness and citrus aromas.
Lightyear 5% abv
Easy drinking summer pale. Low med bitterness but with plenty of new world hop aroma in the finish
Steel City of Sheffield, South Yorkshire
In The Nightshade Eclipse 5.5% abv
Black IPA with columbus, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops. Named after the 1994 album by Black Metal band Emperor
Theakston of Masham, North Yorkshire
Grouse Beater 4.2% abv
Brewed using Moorland berries to give a deliciously fruity flavour on a subtle but well balanced bitter hop
Old Peculier 5.6% abv
Distinctive banana and blackcherry aroma leading to a magnificent Christmas pudding kaleidoscope of flavour. Rich, smooth and sweet
Thornbridge of Ashford in the Water, Derbys.
Jaipur 5.9% abv
A citrus dominated India pale ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of hoppiness accentuated by honey.
Lumford 3.9% abv
Pale ale brewed using New Zealand hops creating aromas of pear, peach and pineapples. Flavours are floral, apples, peach and orange peel. Hoppy bitter finish with clean and crisp passionfruit, grapefruit and gooseberry
Tiny Rebel of Newport, Gwent
Cwtch 4.6% abv
Cwtch is a Welsh Red Ale. 6 malts, 2 US hops and weeks of Tiny Rebel love and attention go into making this unique beer.
Flux 4% abv
American black ale.
Fubar 4.4% abv
A unique schizophrenic beer where you'll face off against floral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back
Titanic of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Chocolate & Vanilla Stout 4.5% abv
Brewed using Roast Barley and Maris Otter Pale Malt which give a huge amount of rich body to the beer and a generous amount of English North down hops to create a bitter edge, the sweetness comes from the addition of Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla
Iceberg 4.1% abv
A combination of Maris Otter pale malt and fine wheat malt, give this refreshing beer real zest. Add refreshing Yakima Galena and Cascade hops and what you get is a fantastic wheat beer that will hole any passing thirst.
Mild 3.5% abv
A mild of classic style full of roast malt and balanced by delicate hops. True to type it has a rounded sweetness and a smooth dry finish
Toolmakers of Sheffield, South Yorkshire New Brewery
Jigsaw 4.2% abv
Nothing known about this one.
Traditional Scottish Ales of Throsk, Stirlingshire
Big Blonde 4.2% abv
Big Vivacious Blonde full of life, alerting the taste buds to the passionate, zestful spirit of the beer from the citra hop and Safale yeast. Bursting with grapefruit and peach flavours it will leave your mouth screaming for more.
Tryst of Larbert, Stirlingshire
Amarillo Hop Trial 3.9% abv
Golden single hop ale. Orangey grapefruity citrus.
Carronade IPA 4.2% abv
Packed full of citrus flavours from the distinctive Washington state hops used, combined with pale malt and Carron valley water to create a real thirst- quenching treat.
Tydd Steam of Tydd St. Giles, Cambs.
Camarillo Honey 4.7% abv Festival Special
Deep golden premium bitter brewed with Amarillo hops and honey.
Piston Bob 4.6% abv
A premium amber bitter, morish with well balanced sweet toffee malt flavours and a crisp, spicy hop finish. Brewed using rare Belgian malts and Czech lager hops
White Rabbit 4.2% abv
Deep golden bitter with peach and citrus flavours, heavily hopped with Eldorado hops.
Ulverston of Ulverston, Cumbria
Fra Diavlo 4.3% abv
A dark, rich beer with aromas of roasted maltsand flavours of bitter chocolate, espresso coffe with a hint of vanilla
Vale of Brill, Buckinghamshire
Black Swan Mild 3.9% abv
Dark and smooth with an impressive full roast flavour that belies its strength
Captured 3.9% abv
A hoppy golden coloured bitter packed with citrus fruit aromas, perfectly easy drinking!
Red Kite 4% abv
A refreshing Chestnut Red beer with a bitter finish. Maris Otter Crystal, Chocolate and roasted barley provide a full body whilst Northdown, Fuggle, Williamette and Brewers Gold hops combine to offer a subtle starting bitterness with a strong bitter finish
Waen of Penstrowed, Powys
Blackberry Stout 3.8% abv
Coffee and Chocolate with subtle Blackberry
Waen/Asparagus & Kilburn Habit of Penstrowed, Powys
The Kilburn Habit 4.5% abv Main Bar 1
Wheat beer, marmalade flavours, subtle honey and wheat.
Wells & Young's of Bedford, Bedfordshire
Bombardier 4.1% abv
A burnished copper colour, it has a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit, juicy malt and tangy hops.
Courage Imperial Russian Stout 10% abv
Rich, espresso body with pear overtones and an intriguing fresh, smoky, fruity finish. The beer is brewed with chocolate, amber and pale ale malts, Hersbrucker and Styrian Goldings hops and accredited natural mineral water from the brewery’s very own well.
Eagle I.P.A. 3.6% abv
Wells Eagle is a copper coloured beer with a citrus, sweet and grassy nose. It's has a dryish bitterness on the palate and is light, crisp and sharp
Hummingbird 4.2% abv
Golden ale with a hint of passion fruit
Wheal Maiden of Crofthandy, Cornwall
Grandma's Ginger Beer 5.5% abv
What it says. An alcoholic ginger beer on draught.
Whim of Hartington, Derbyshire
Hartington Bitter 4% abv
A light-golden-coloured, well-hopped session beer. Fruity and light while bitter and slightly sharp. Well balanced with a dry finish and spicy, floral aroma
Kaskade 4.3% abv
Lager-style beer made with Cascade hops. Light and sharp with a strong hoppy, grapefruit-citrus flavour. Dry finish.
Whim / Marble of Hartington & Manchester
Barley Wine 7.4% abv Main Bar 1
Nothing known about this one.
Windsor & Eton of Windsor, Berkshire
Knight of the Garter 3.8% abv
A flaxen-coloured, easy drinking Golden Ale, brewed with American Amarillo whole leaf hops giving a distinctive fresh citrus aroma reminiscent of cut grapefruit
Wold Top of Wold Newton, East Yorkshire
Against the Grain 4.5% abv
Made from lager malt, maize, hops & yeast, it is a premium full flavoured bitter beer with a good creamy head, refreshing bitterness and citrus aftertaste
Tenner 4.1% abv
A celebratory pale straw coloured bitter with floral citrus and lightly spiced notes. Brewed with 100% UK ingredients
Woodforde's of Woodbastwick, Norfolk
Bure Gold 4.3% abv
A copper-coloured ale with a distinctive aroma of rich spice and citrus fruit. Hints of sweet malt and fruit with a dry finish
Nelson's revenge 4.5% abv
Rich and floral aromas, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of 'citrus' hops embody this mouth-watering premium beer
Nog 4.6% abv
Smooth, rich and rounded ‘old ale’ with a velvety texture and hints of chocolate, treacle and liquorice
Once Bittern 4% abv
A copper-coloured ale with a distinctive aroma of rich spice and citrus fruit. Hints of sweet malt and fruit with a dry finish.
Sundew 4.1% abv
Pale in colour and light on the palate with the distinctive hoppy finish. Floral hops evident in the short aroma
Wherry 3.8% abv
Maris otter; crystal malt; Golding’s and Styrian Golding’s hops. Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours
XT of Long Crendon, Oxfordshire
Apricot Pale Ale 4.4% abv Festival Special
A lightly hopped beer, brewed with whole apricots.
Eight 4.5% abv
A smooth rich dark beer brewed with a careful blend of four malts along with a cocktail of hops to give a complex taste. Deep malty base with dark roasty chocolate flavours, very balanced beer
Five 5.5% abv
Big biscuity malt base with lots of dark fruit flavoured American hops on top and ‘to go’.
Xtreme Ales/Bexar of Turves/Peterborough New Brewery
Green Tick 5.2% abv Main Bar 1
Hops, Hops and more Hops!!!
Yeovil of Yeovil, Somerset
B.S.T. 4.5% abv
A zesty pale ale with rounded bitterness and crisp pleasant lemon and grapefruit aromas
Summerset 4.1% abv
A blonde ale with light rounded mouth feel and a tangerine fruity hop finish
YPA 7.3% abv Main Bar 1
A smooth, fruity taste sensation. The notes of citrus fruit and sweeter peaches and apricots are provided by a well-crafted blend of pale malts and aromatic hops.
York of York
Centurion's Ghost 5.4% abv
Dark ruby in colour, full tasting with a mellow roast flavour balanced by light bitterness and autumn fruit flavours that linger into the aftertaste.
York Blonde 3.9% abv
Blonde ale with a complex floral bouquet and a refreshing fruity taste which lingers throughout.
York Gold 3.9% abv
Aroma and flavour of lightly bitter citrus fruits, mostly lemon. Good, bitter finish. Great session beer
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