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Premium 5% abv - 37.5 cl
Pours a light golden colour with a fizzy, white head. Aroma of pilsener malt and yeast. Yeasty flavour also with some caramel malt in there
Pale Ale 4.5% abv - 37.5 cl
With its fruity character, and robust flavour, Coopers Pale Ale is perfect for every occasion.
Sparkling Ale 4.8% abv - 37.5 cl
Famous cloudy sediment and distinctive balance of malt, hops and fruity characters.
Little Creatures
Pale Ale 5% abv - 33 cl
Fresh floral hop aromas with a mouth-filling explosion of clean full rich malts and citrus hop flavours.

Hopfenkonig 5.1% abv - 33 cl
Hoppy smooth Austrian pilsner made to the German purity law.
Gregorius 9.7% abv - 33 cl
Austria's first Trappist Brewery from Engelhartzell on the Danube. Approved by International Trappist Association in May this year.
Samiclaus 14.000000000000002% abv - 33 cl
Strongest lager in the world. Reddish-brown colour and a malty aroma and taste that remind you of Horlicks with a slug of alcohol added.

Abbaye des Rocs
La Montagnarde (Ambree) 9% abv - 33 cl
Cloudy amber golden colour with a small off white head.Taste malty background. Fruity, yeast and some spices.
Triple Imperiale 10% abv - 33 cl
Dark brown colour, light-beige head. Aroma of cocoa, dark fruits, medium-sweet, yeast. Flavour is cocoa, burnt caramel, dark fruits, dark malts, light bitter finish with a bit of yeast. Medium-bodied, 
Trappist Blonde 8% abv - 33 cl
Deep golden colour with a big frothy white head. Mild round sweetness and a moderate bitterness.
Trappist Bruin 8% abv - 33 cl
Dark amber colour with a big tan head that last. Mild sweet sugary, fruity, yeast and mild acidic notes.
Morte Subite Gueuze 4.5% abv - 37.5 cl
Aroma and taste are light and sour apple cider, with an acetic edge in taste
Frambozenbier 5% abv - 37.5 cl
Slightly hazy, mahogany colour with a beige and tall foamy head. Intensively raspberry-fruity aroma with a shy mouldy touch of barnyard
Kriekenbier 5.800000000000001% abv - 37.5 cl
Clear, ruby amber colour with a thick and off-white, slightly pinkish foamy head. Slightly sugary cherry-fruity aroma with a light mouldy touch. Sweet and slightly acidic flavour
Deus Brut 11.5% abv - 75 cl
Golden colour with a sparkling white head. Floral malt, citrus, yeast aroma. Flavour is yeasty, citrus, some caramel, fruit.
Pauwel Kwak 8.4% abv - 33 cl
Strong, smooth, sweet Belgian ale that's as drinkable as Duvel, but with a bit more sweetness and complexity.
Brasserie d’ Achouffe
La Chouffe 8% abv - 33 cl
Red deep golden colour with an off-white head. Aroma is sweet, citrus, spices, alcohol. Flavour is sweet, citrus, malt, hop, belgian yeast
Brasserie de la Senne
Taras Boulba 4.5% abv - 33 cl
looks like yellow wheat beer.Very bitter and dry. Grassy, apples, intense hops. 
Brasserie de Silly
Saison Silly 5% abv - 33 cl
Dark brown colour with sort silky beige head. Aroma is sour, vinegar, brown sugar. Taste is sweet (and slightly sour), wood, wine, molasses.
Brasserie Lefebvre
Blanche De Bruxelle 4.5% abv - 33 cl
Pours a hazy yellow. Has a nice citrusy lemon aroma. A light citrus flavour that isn’t overpowering and has some slight hop taste to it at the end.
Brouwerij Verhaeghe
Duchesse De Bourgogne 6.2% abv - 33 cl
Pours reddish brown with a little sediment and an off-white head that leaves some lacing. Vinous with sour fruit and wood. 
Kriek 5% abv - 37.5 cl
Ruby red colour, pink head. Sour taste with cherry, earthy notes, tart, berries and grass. Sour finish with cherry and berries.
Gueuze 5% abv - 37.5 cl
Old and young lambics blended and secondary fermented in the bottle. Has to be tried.
Rose de Gambrinus 5% abv - 37.5 cl
Red beer with a reddish head. The aroma is malt, fruit, raspberries and cherries. The flavor follows the nose with additional sourness.
Blue Cap 9% abv - 33 cl
Beer whose fragrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant. Its flavour
Red Cap 7.000000000000001% abv - 33 cl
Coppery colour with a creamy head, light, fruity apricot aroma, taste perceived in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruity nuances
White Cap 8% abv - 33 cl
Golden colour with a slightly hazy appearance and a fine head. Fruity notes of muscat and raisins in the taste.
De Halve Maan
Brugse Zot Blonde 6% abv - 33 cl
Golden-blond beer with a rich froth and a fruity flavour. Brewed with four different malts and two aromatic hops.
De Ranke
Guldenberg 8.5% abv - 33 cl
Pours a cloudy yellow with a tiny white head. Strong hay notes, hints of orange, cardamom, cinnamon. Thick bodied, fizzy, foamy, slightly harsh, long finish.
Saison de Dottignies 5.5% abv - 33 cl
Aroma is medium strong and inviting: citrus, pineapple, bit spices, spruce, caramel. Hazy orange. Head disappears quite fast.Taste is citrus tart and sour, perky. Fresh and light.
Bush Ambree ( Scaldis) 12% abv - 33 cl
Its amber colour is due to the use of caramel malt in the production process. Its bitter sweet taste provides it with firmness and personality.
Bons Voeux 9.5% abv - 37.5 cl
Hazy amber liquid with medium to big white head. light sweet and light to medium bitter with notes of white pepper, bread and flowers.
Cookie Beer 8% abv - 33 cl
Color hazy orange with medium head. Aroma sweet, ginger, cinammon, speculoos. Taste sweet, speculoos, cinammon, spicy.
Frank Boon
Framboise 5% abv - 37.5 cl
A blend of old and young lambics with added raspberries.
Kriek 4% abv - 37.5 cl
100% lambic beer with the addition of 200 grammes of cherries per litre of beer. Alcoholic cherryade.
Oude Geuze Mariage Parfait 8% abv - 37.5 cl
Oude gueuze blended from three-year-old lambics and then matured.
Het Anker
Gouden Carolus Classic 8.5% abv - 33 cl
Dark brown ale with dark amber highlights. A deep, creamy cappuccino head. Molasses, raisins and figs.
Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor 8% abv - 33 cl
Pours a crisp, golden orange with a sticky head.Nice citrus scent to the nose with a lightly bitter, slightly hoppy aftertaste.
Forbidden Fruit 8.8% abv - 33 cl
Dark malts, dried orange peel, and coriander give a strong beer with an excellent, well-balanced taste accompanied by an aroma of herbs and spices
Delirium Tremens 8.5% abv - 33 cl
Good-looking hazy golden blond brewed using three different yeasts, coriander and orange.
Floris Apple 3.6% abv - 33 cl
Apple pie in a glass. A creamy texture and tart aroma make it a complete apple lambic.
Floris Chocolat 4.2% abv - 33 cl
Made with Belgian chocolate. It has a real chocolaty aroma, very light and fun to drink.
Floris Honey 4.5% abv - 33 cl
Wheat beer brewed with real honey. It's light, sweet and distinctively honey.
Floris Mango 3.6% abv - 33 cl
Reddish orange colour with a medium sized white head, aroma is mango, some tropical fruit, flavour is fruity
Floris Ninkeberry (Mixed Fruits) 3.6% abv - 33 cl
Very light refreshing tropical fruitiness. A very unusual blend of a white beer with three tropical fruits.
Floris Passion Fruit 3.6% abv - 33 cl
Medium yellow colour, bouquet is heavy on the fruit and the taste is big on the sweet fruit
Mongozo Banana 4.5% abv - 33 cl
Brewed to an African recipe using Fairtrade bananas. All bananas, all the way through.
Mongozo Coconut 3.5000000000000004% abv - 33 cl
This beer thinks its a pina colada. Aroma is strongly of coconut, but without being artificial.
Barbar 8% abv - 33 cl
Yellow coloured beer with big white head. Aroma of malts and honey, sweet smell. Taste is malty, light hoppy and honey.
Hopus 8.3% abv - 33 cl
Citrus, spruce, bit of yeast Appearance: Gold, bit cloudy, clear white head, frothy, full lace Taste: Bit bittersweet, malty, dry finish
Goudenband 8% abv - 37.5 cl
Complex in aroma and flavor with notes of maltiness and tartness throughout. An unsurpassed old brown with the richness and complexity of a vintage wine
Framboise 2.5% abv - 25 cl
Magnificent aroma, delicate palate of raspberries with undertones of fruity acidity.
Kriek 3.5000000000000004% abv - 25 cl
Selected lambic beers combined with pure cherry juice.
Pecheresse 2.5% abv - 25 cl
Peaches, hint of lambic aroma, sweet drink, loose white head, very quaffable.
Orval 6.2% abv - 33 cl
Orangey amber coloured beer, triple fermented and dry hopped. Twice winner of Best Bottled Beer at Peterborough.
Oud Beersel
Oude Gueuze 6% abv - 37.5 cl
a cloudy golden-orange beer with low head,first fruity with malty notes then very dry and bitter with bread, mushrooms and tart at the finish.
Hommelbier 7.5% abv - 25 cl
Light hazy golden-amber in colour . Nose of fresh hops. Taste of young, light aromatic hops, light barley, grass, herbs and spices. Floral hints. 
Rochefort 10 11.3% abv - 33 cl
Deep dark reddish brown, potent. Complex fruit flavours & a hint of dark chocolate. Arguably the finest Trappist beer.
Rochefort 6 7.5% abv - 33 cl
Full bodied with that Belgian yeast aroma. Heavy malt flavors, almost of candy sugar and honey
Rochefort 8 9.2% abv - 33 cl
Chestnut with a purple/red hue and a generous head. The nose has stewed apple, vanilla and just a hint of dark chocolate. The taste has more stewed apple, cinnamon, liquorice and coffee.
Gran Cru 6% abv - 33 cl
Dark reddish-brown colour with a very small khaki head that dissipates into a ring. Smells of vinegar, cherries and berries. Tart flavors of cherries, oak and berries
St Bernardus
12 10% abv - 33 cl
Made from same yeast as Westvleteren. Big thick head. Brown body. Plum and raisin and really, rich taste
Pater 6 6.7% abv - 33 cl
Made from same yeast as Westvleteren.Orange colour with medium white long lasting head. Aroma of orange, spices, Taste, grapefruit, yeast, floral hops. Nice spicy bitter finish
Prior 8 8% abv - 33 cl
Made from same yeast as Westvleteren. Chestnut brown colour with a Candied apple and fig flavors with a pretty high level of spiciness taste
Van Eecke
Watou Wit 5% abv - 25 cl
Unmalted wheat, malted barley, coriander and bitter orange peel.
Van Steenberge
Leute Bokbier 7.5% abv - 33 cl
Ruby red/brown with thin, silky beige head. Aroma is candy, peat and smoke. Taste is chocolate, malt and some lingering hop bitterness.
Piraat 10.5% abv - 33 cl
Deep golden with a subtle haze. Lots of hops and malt. Mild sweetness. Reminiscent of bread dough, spices and tropical fruits
Dubbel 7.000000000000001% abv - 33 cl
Rich and complex Trappist beer with a dark roast malt flavour. Tenacious head follows the beer to the end of the glass.
Tripel 9.5% abv - 33 cl
Very pale Trappist beer. It is top fermenting, with a fruity, citrus orangey, smooth creamy mouthfeel.

Abbaye Mont des Cats
Mont des Cats 7.6% abv - 33 cl
Brewed at Chimay. Dark orange, brown colour. Medium bitterness and low sweetness. Aroma is caramel, malt, hop.
Biere du Demon 12% abv - 33 cl
Hazy golden colour with a white head. Aroma of malt, sweet malt and candy-like. Flavour of malt, candy, syrup and yeas
Colomba 5% abv - 33 cl
Hazy yellow color with a minimal head. A bit artificial aroma of wheat and lemon. Slightly sour taste. Lively carbonation.
Pietra 6% abv - 33 cl
Golden colour with medium white head. Nutty aroma. A bit of nut in the flavour.
Saint Sylvestre
Trois Monts 8.5% abv - 75 cl
Pale gold, fruity, grassy, yeasty and sweet wonderfully fresh beer
Ambree d'Esquelbecq 5.800000000000001% abv - 33 cl
Hazy amber with off white head. Aroma of caramel, brown sugar and yeast. Taste is sweet; caramel, sugar with some hop notes.
Blonde d'Esquelbecq 6.5% abv - 33 cl
Deep amber with white head. Aroma is fruity with peach, pear and apricot, malt and yeast. Taste is fairly sweet with caramel and fruits.
Dalva 8.5% abv - 33 cl
Clear orange coloured with a small white head. Sweet and fruity aroma of caramel with notes of hops. Sweet and fruity flavour of caramel, grass and hops.
Etoile du Nord 5.5% abv - 33 cl
Hazy golden, frothy white head. Fruity, floreal aroma. Citrus, grassy, resin taste. Medium body, soft carbonation. Dry bitter long finish. 
Maline 5.800000000000001% abv - 33 cl
Pours dark brown colour with a small head. Aroma of roasted malts, some fruits and hints of chocolate. Flavor of malts, chocolate and fruits.
Quebecoises 5.5% abv - 33 cl
Orange with hardly any head.Fruity with a trace of bitterness that lingered for some time. 

Aecht Schlenkerla
Rauchbier Märzen 5.1% abv - 50 cl
Bamberg’s speciality, a dark, bottom fermented smokebeer, brewed with Original Schlenkerla Smokemalt
Rauchbier Weisse 5.2% abv - 50 cl
A smoked Weisse beer. Very unusual. Smoked sausages and bacon.
Doppelbock Dunkel  7.1% abv - 50 cl
Dark reddish colour, lots of sweet malty aroma. abv well masked. fruity, sweet, bready.
Spezial Hell  5.9% abv - 50 cl
Ruby red with little head. Aroma strong with fruit, plum. Taste sweet fruit, malt, spice. 
Vollbier Hell  4.8% abv - 50 cl
Orange coloured beer with a little whitish ring of head. A decently balanced helles. Grassy hops and some buttery malts.
Edelstoff 5.6000000000000005% abv - 50 cl
Aroma is citrus, hay, herbs. Appearance is pale golden with a light white head. Taste is light bitterr, light sour. Has a malty mouthfeel with a medium carbonation, a medium long, light bitter finish.
Brauerie Spezial
Rauchbier Marzen 5.3% abv - 50 cl
Hazy dark orange/brown appearance with a cream colored head. Honey baked ham, somewhat spicy, caramel, mild meaty smoky aroma.
Alkoholfrei50 cl
Light straw color; Light body; Aroma and flavor of malt, yeast, light hops, some citrus, and grain
Pikantus 7.3% abv - 50 cl
 Pours a muddy red brown with a light tan head. Smells a little smokey. Taste is smokey, with some pear and citrus. 
Weissbier ( Hefe-Weizen) 5.3% abv - 50 cl
Golden colour with a slight haze through the beer. great flavors that are strong but not overpowering on the back of the palate
Weissbier Dunkel 5.6000000000000005% abv - 50 cl
Brown-red colour with a high longlasting creamy head. An aroma of malt, fuit and chocolate
Weissbier Kristallklar 5.3% abv - 50 cl
Clear light pale yellow colour with a high small bubbly head. An aroma of yeast, citrus and herbs. The taste is sweet
Gold Pils 5.5% abv - 50 cl
Clear golden appearance with a white head. Crisp, quite pils grainy, grassy aroma. Glowing pils malty, rich, soapy, straw flavour.
LagerBier 5.5% abv - 50 cl
Dark golden appearance with a white head. Straw, hay, grainy, light husky aroma. Crisp, easy to drink, grainy, rich malty, straw flavour.
Zwergla 6% abv - 50 cl
 Medium body. Nutty toasted chocolate-like malty sweetness in aroma and flavor. Medium bitterness. Low "noble-type" hop flavor and aroma
Alt 4.5% abv - 50 cl
Clear copper coloured brew, the taste is roasted malts with some hints of caramel.
Pilsener 4.8% abv - 33 cl
Clear yellow body and a nice creamy white lasting head, malt and grass. Bitter finish, light sweetness and medium bitterness taste
Kaiser Heinrich Urstoff 4.9% abv - 50 cl
Clear golden with a small white head. Grass, grain and sulphur. Rough bitterness. 
Rauchbier 5.2% abv - 50 cl
Mahagony coloured brew with reasonable head. Smooth, decent smoky taste. Refreshing and light mouthfeel.
Dunkles Hefe-Weissbier 5.2% abv - 50 cl
Murky brown with a thin head, banana and bread aromas, more banana on the palate but with a touch of honey and a dry-bitter roast coffee.
Helles Hefe-Weißbier 5% abv - 50 cl
Yeasty with some light clove. Flavour is initially quite dry and bitter from the yeast but some sweet orange and peppery spice.
Kölsch 4.8% abv - 50 cl
Clear golden in colour with frothy off-white head. Sweet, malty and slightly fruity in aroma. Flavour grassy, malty and light nutty sweet
Bamberger Herren Pils 4.6% abv - 50 cl
Clear golden with a huge creamy snow white head. Aroma is grassy. Taste is fresh and crisp with a nice spicy and grassy hops throughout, dry bitter finish.
Weissbier 4.8% abv - 50 cl
Hazy gold with a white head. Yeasty, light banana candy, generic spicy yeasty in the finish.
Schwarzbier 4.8% abv - 50 cl
Smell of chocolate, dark bread and hard bread. Similar taste. Nice malty beer.
Weiss 5.4% abv - 50 cl
Cloudy orange body, big white head. Malty nose with nuts, whole wheat bread, red fruit and light cheese. Nice spicy taste
P J Fruh
Kölsch 4.8% abv - 50 cl
Kölsch is an appelation given to top fermented beers brewed only in Cologne and this is one of the best.
Salvator 7.5% abv - 50 cl
Cookie aromas. Soft with sweet caramel upfront turning to a hint of bitterness before the sweet bready finish.
Weisse 5.5% abv - 50 cl
Clear golden colour. Citric, wheaty aroma. Bland, watery taste with citric notes and a wheaty, slightly tart finish
Alt 4.8% abv - 50 cl
Köln has Kölsch, Düsseldorf has Alt. A dark amber beer with a medium white head, malty with fruity tones
Aventinus 8.200000000000001% abv - 50 cl
Golden colour with a slightly hazy appearance and a fine head. Fruity notes of muscat and raisins in the taste.
Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock 12% abv - 33 cl
This Wheat Doppelbock of Bavaria, has always been known to be the most intense and complex wheat beer in the world
Hopfen Weisse 8.200000000000001% abv - 50 cl
Hazy golden colour with white head. Hoppy, floral and whaet. Hoppy, bitter taste, also sweet and wheat, with some citrics.
Weisse Grunes 6.2% abv - 50 cl
Golden colour with a large off-white head. Citric aroma of wheat, caramel, yeast. Flavour is wheat, yeast, some fruit, citrus.
Alt 4.7% abv - 50 cl
Malty base, nutty, some spices. Light roasted taste at first, a dry mouth feel from the middle onwards.
Heffe Weiss 5.4% abv - 50 cl
Hazy yellow colour with thick, white head, smell and taste sweet, grains and a hint of fruit

John Martin
“Special Export” Guinness 8% abv - 33 cl
Relatively rare Belgian Guinness, bottled specially for John Martin SA.

De Koningshoeven
La Trappe Blond 6.5% abv - 33 cl
A bright golden blond ale with a sparkling, fresh fruity taste with a delicate bitter aftertaste.
La Trappe Dubbel 7.000000000000001% abv - 33 cl
Trappist beer with a gentle flavour, creamy head and pronounced bouquet.
La Trappe Quad Oak Aged 10% abv - 37.5 cl
Cloudy brown, small white head. Aroma is fruity , woody, boozy port wine,light. Flavor is fruity , woody, malty. 
La Trappe Quadruple 10% abv - 33 cl
Taste is of breads, light caramel, sweet figs, nutmeg, spices, lots of yeast esters and some alcohol. Lingering vanilla sweetness
La Trappe Tripel 8% abv - 33 cl
The use of coriander gives it a spicy character. Golden in colour with a fruity, bittersweet taste.
La Trappe Witte 5.5% abv - 33 cl
Only Trappist white beer in the world A fresh thirst quencher with a refined character. Brewed with wheat malt and a very aromatic varieties of hops
De Molen
Bloed Zweet & Tranen 8.1% abv - 33 cl
Blood Sweat & Tears, smoked strong dark beer
Hamer & Sikel 5.2% abv - 33 cl
You may be able to work out the translation for this lush English style porter with a dry bitter finish
Hel & Verdoemenis 10.2% abv - 33 cl
Hell & Damnation the third and most popular in Menno’s trilogy of Russian Imperial Stouts.
Rook & Vuur 8.200000000000001% abv - 33 cl
Smoke & Fire, dark ale brewed with smoked malt & chilis

Nøgne Ø
Imperial Stout 9% abv - 50 cl
A wonderful malt presence, a very well rounded and smooth mouthfeel and taste. It has a wonderful bitterness that compliments the malts very well
Pale Ale   6% abv - 50 cl
Hazy golden colour. White head with lacing. Aroma of grape with some yeast. Bitter taste of hops, grape with notes of vanilla.
Saison   6.5% abv - 50 cl
Pours hazy light gold colour with bright white head. Aroma is citrus, orange peel. Taste is sharply sweet.

Ginger Beer 4% abv - 50 cl
Traditional English Ginger Beer. Made from Chinese root ginger and the finest hand-picked herbs, natural flavourings, sugar and brewer's yeast. Very refreshing.

Old Foghorn Ale 9.4% abv - 35.5 cl
Dark reddish/brown with a small head. This was a relaxed Barley Wine, with malt, dried fruit, vanilla, some alcohol and toffee.
Porter 5.6000000000000005% abv - 35.5 cl
Creamy beige head. Aroma is of coffee, roasted malt, chocolate, sweetness and light fruity notes. Taste is moderately sweet with bitter chocolate, roasted malt and dark fruits.
Steam Beer 4.8% abv - 35.5 cl
Golden amber pour with medium sized off white head. Aroma of malts, hops and caramel. Taste of malts, slight toffee sweetness and a slight hoppy finish.
Black Chocolate Stout 10% abv - 35.5 cl
Pours black with a small head. Smells of chocolate, alcohol and a small hint of coffe. Taste is sweet with chocolate and alcohol.
Brown Ale 5.6000000000000005% abv - 35.5 cl
Pours a deep brown with tan creamy head, slightly more hop than typcial brown. Medium body, hints of chocolate,
Flying Dog
Gonzo Porter 9.2% abv - 35.5 cl
Malt, vanilla, brown sugar and hints of coffee and fine. Nice body and a pleasant bitter finish that lingers without overpowering.
Raging Bitch 8.3% abv - 35.5 cl
Pours a firm white crown, gives away a really nice aroma, lots of hop. The tasting was interesting, very rich taste.
Snake Dog 7.1% abv - 35.5 cl
Golden colour with a big white head. Smells and tastes elders, creamy grassy hoppy, abit lemon grass with a clear bitter finish.
Goose Island
312 Urban Wheat Ale 4.2% abv - 35.5 cl
The aroma is weak and watery but does have some wheat and citrus hops. The appearance is pale gold with a light haze and a small head. The taste is like the aroma.
Matilda 7.000000000000001% abv - 35.5 cl
A relatively clear light-red/orange colour with a small and quickly dissipating head. Aroma is some yeast notes, mild spice and fruit characters. Flavor is spice malt.
Magic Hat
# 9 5.1% abv - 35.5 cl
Golden brown colour with fruity aroma. sweet and smooth taste.
Dead Guy 6.5% abv - 35.5 cl
In the style of a German Maibock, using our proprietary Pacman ale yeast. Deep honey in colour with a malty aroma and a rich hearty flavour.
Dry Mocha Porter 5.3% abv - 35.5 cl
Smooth and milky, dark roast coffee. Pretty dark brown colour, beige fine head. A bit of bitterness from those well chosen hops.
Hazlenut Brown Ale 6.2% abv - 35.5 cl
Sweet nutty hazelnut aroma. Reddish Brown color. Flavor is pretty sweet, the hazelnut dominates. 
Yellow Snow 6.5% abv - 35.5 cl
Winter seasonal, pale golden in colour with a hoppy fruity aroma. Big hop flavor up front complemented by medium body and hoppyness mid-pallet. Finishes with a characteristic lingering bitterness.
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