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The list shows the wines that have been ordered and, hopefully, will arrive. The bar will also stock lemonade and sparkling water should you wish to have a spritzer.
English Vineyard White Wines
Bolney Estate - Lynchgate White 2011
Fruity,zesty blend of Reichenstiener,Schonburger and Wurzer grapes has rich,ripe scents and flavours of Lychee and passion fruit.
Chilford Hall - Schönburger Müller-Thurgau 2009
This young, clean, refreshing light wine presents with a pale golden hue and an elegant bouquet of fresh melon.
Stanlake Park - Hinton Grove 2008
A off-dry,aromatic wine. Made with Madeline, Angevine, Reichensteiner,Schhonbuger,Wuzer and Ehrenfelser grapes.
Stanlake Park - Regatta Dry White, 2009
A blend of several of grape varieties, such as Ortega and Schonburger, to make a dry, crisp, fresh wine, with a clean herbaceous finish
Three Choirs - English House White Med Dry 2010
Blended with Seyval Blanc, Reichensteiner and Muller Thurgau grapes. Melon, mango and a hint of spice, with a crisp dry finish.
Three Choirs - May Hill Medium White 2010
Aromatic herb and floral nose with harmonious palate. Medium and well balanced, with rich honeyed fruit.
English Vineyard Rose Wines
Stanlake Park - English Rosé 2009
Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, with white grapes such as Ehrenfelser and Scheurebe to make up a lovely delicate wine with a rose petal bouquet.
Three Choirs - Rosé Reserve 2010
Delicious off-dry Rose full of the aroma of strawberries and summer fruits.
English Vineyard Red Wines
Bolney Estate - Lynchgate Red 2009
Notes of red fruits , juicy plum and berry flavours together with soft tannins make this a very elegant, easy drinking wine. Medium bodied dry red wine.
Chilford Hall - Granta Valley Red 2009
Rich, robust, intensely coloured wine made from an equal blend of rondo and regent grapes, matured in French and American oak barrels.
Stanlake Park - Ruscombe Red, 2009
Ruscombe can be enjoyed whenever the need for medium bodied red wine arises. It contains grape varieties: Triomphe and Dornfelder.
English Vineyard Sparkling Wines
Bolney Estate - Bubbly Sparkling White NV
Award wining light and refresing vintage sparkling wine.Very easy to drink with elderflower creaminess
Bolney Estate - Cuvee Rose Sparking 2009
Seriously sophisticated smooth and full bodied, made by traditional methods vintage sparkling wine
Chilford Hall - Sparkling White 2009
Carefully blended delicate wine opens with a rush of fine bubbles bursting with aromas of new mown grass, herbs and lemons.
Stanlake Park - Heritage Brut Sparkling
Light bodied sparkling wine that is crisp, dry and refreshing.Made from Seyval Blanc, Muller Thurgau, Reichenstein and Pinot Meunier grapes.
Three Choirs - Classic Cuvee Brut N/V Sparkling
A traditionally-made sparkling wine using Seyval Blanc, Pinot Noir,grapes of very high quality. Dry and subtle it is very similar to a good champagne
Traditional Country Wines
Lyme Bay Winery - Apricot Medium Sweet
A richly scented, golden sweet wine with the lingering flavour of soft ripe fruit.
Lyme Bay Winery - Blackberry Medium
Bursting with the full flavour and heady aroma of ripe hedgerow fruit.
Lyme Bay Winery - Blackcurrant Medium Sweet
A sweet, scented wine with the full fruity flavour of dark berries.
Lyme Bay Winery - Cherry Sweet
Real cherry aroma and full black fruit flavour.
Lyme Bay Winery - Cranberry Medium
A tangy medium-sweet wine; great for summer spritzers.
Lyme Bay Winery - Elderberry Dry
Old fashioned, floral flavours. A perfect picnic, aperitif or lunchtime wine.
Lyme Bay Winery - Elderflower Dry
Old fashioned, floral flavours. A perfect picnic, aperitif or lunchtime wine.
Lyme Bay Winery - Ginger Sweet
A classic, smooth, heart-warming ginger wine.
Lyme Bay Winery - Gooseberry Off/Dry
An appealing, light wine with generously ripe gooseberry character.
Lyme Bay Winery - Nettle Dry
Light in style with crisp acidity, displaying a summery character of nettle together with hints of melon and grapefruit.
Lyme Bay Winery - Plum Medium
Absolutely delicious, rich ripe plum flavour.
Lyme Bay Winery - Raspberry Medium
Ripe raspberry character and a real berry aroma.
Lyme Bay Winery - Rosehip Off/Dry
A beautiful salmon pink wine with characters including summer fruits, combined with an earthy, vegetative note typical of the rosehip
Lyme Bay Winery - Sloe Medium
Full-flavoured, succulent and smooth.
Lyme Bay Winery - Sparkling Strawberry
The wine has a soft creamy bubble complementing the delicate flavour of summer strawberries.
Lyme Bay Winery - Strawberry Medium
Lusciously fruity with a very intense bouquet. Great as a spritzer with bubbly or soda.
Lyme Bay Winery - West Country Mead Medium Sweet
A delicious honey based wine with a sweet spicy overtone. Slightly drier than Traditional Mead.
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