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Bexar County Brewery
Added by 697 on Sat 5th January, 2013
Another new brewery for the Peterborough area!
Bexar County is now operational and has been producing test brews for several weeks now. The beers have appeared in the Ostrich, Ploughman and the Hand & Heart locally. The Pig's Ear Beer Fest in London was the first outing outside of Peterborough and sold out within the first day. Beers will also be appearing at the Letter B during Straw Bear (Sat 12th Jan) and Ely Beer Fest (Fri 11th-12th Jan). The website is
Comment added by 697 on Sat 2nd February, 2013
A fantastic person brewer and passionate about quality. Travelled miles for this taste and so should you all. Well done Mr S
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